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 Just saw this on twitter - Y&R's Jeanne Cooper passed away today.

Not a surprise, but very very sad news - she's a huge loss to the daytime community.

RIP Mrs C.
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David Hasselhoff is returning to Y&R as Dr William "Snapper" Foster for a brief run later on in the year.

Part of me really wants to watch this, to see (a) if, as the Hoff says, he can remember his lines and (b) to see Jess Walton act circles around him!! But then I remember the travesty that was Thom Bierdzs return, and I wonder if I can actually subject myself to that...

Full text of EW article behind the cut.... )
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Just saw this on Twitter: Braedens back on Young & Restless

Does it make me a bad Y&R fan to say I'm disappointed with this? One of the big problems I have with the show is that The Great Victor Newman always winsand is never wrong, plus the fact that Braeden has been phoning it in for years. I was actually looking forward to seeing what the writers would do without having to write the show around TGVN.
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Dear God I'm tired....

Today was busy enough in the office... I think I made myself slightly busier by LJ-ing and tweeting backwards and forwards with [ profile] misssimmre. the huge shocking GH casting news - [ profile] cheapevilgirl, I apologise again for spamming your twitter feed!!

Came home and watched clips of yesterday's SpinMax non-wedding, which I thought was lovely and very well done; also enjoyed the JOlivia I Love You's. I'm really enjoying that couple, and I intend to do so until they inevitably get thrown under the bus and she winds up with Sonny. (I have read no spoilers, that's just my spec, because Sonny always gets the girl. SHUDDER.)

The other big soap story of the day is that Victor Newman is being written out of Y&R while his portrayer, Eric Braeden, is in fairly serious contract negotiations. Apparently at the end of his last tape date, he told the other cast and crew that he didn't know if he'd be back, and basically said his goodbyes and thank yous..... I have no doubt that he'll be back, but it wouldn't break my heart to have a break from Victor for a while. He's like Sonny in GH - always wins, always gets the girl, and Jack Abbott (the wonderful Peter Bergman) always comes off worst (I'm a Jack fan, in case you couldn't tell!)

I'm sure there's more I want to say, but I'm so tired I can barely talk, never mind type.....
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Have just finished watching Monday's ep of Guiding Light - aka The One Where Bill and Lizzie Finally Tied The Knot!!

It was truly lovely - the vows were just gorgeous, and everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives filming it!! Even though it's got to be so hard at the moment as the end of filming date approaches (middle of August, I believe).

And the Phillip and Beth scene at the end just KILLED me dead!! I swear to God, I never liked Beth before this year. Now since she's lost Coop and found a backbone, I'm loving her! And it helps that Beth Chamberlain and Grant Aleksander have mad chemistry! I just hope that Philip manages to survive the last episode, because watching him die for real would just be too hard.

The other soap I'm loving at the moment is Y&R. Philip Chancellor III is back in town, Cane has been exposed as a con-man and this is just great soap!! (Well, it would be if Thom Bierdz could actually act.... I'd even settle for just emoting at the moment!) Admittedly, the storyline is full of plot holes so wide you could fit a HGV through them, but I'm just totally suspending my disbelief and going along for the ride! The best thing about the storyline, by far, is Tricia Cast kicking ass and taking names as P3's widow Nina.  Nina's gone from shocked to angry to confused and back to angry and all the while TC has been AWESOME -  the scene in the hospital room where she lashed out at Phillip was just brilliant - here's the YouTube clip where Phillip is explaining his accident wasnt an accident: - Nina's smackdown starts at about 7.25, and here's what she had to say:

You grew up without a father because he died in a horrible car crash. How could you turn around and-- and do that to your own child? You know, when Phillip was growing up, I told him again and again the story about how his father-- the last day that he spent on this earth-- the last thing he did was reach out to his son and take his hand because that's how much he loved his little boy. I told him that you were in heaven with the angels watching over him. You've made a liar out of me because you wanted to be dead rather than be a part of your son's life. How could you do that? How could you do that to your son?!

I'm really hoping she submits some of this stuff for next years Emmy Awards, because it's just that good!

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May. 27th, 2009 08:07 pm
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[ profile] cheapevilgirl , not sure if you're still avoiding AfterElton - just in case you are, here's the direct link for an interview they did with Thom Bierdz. There's an awful lot of "I can't answer that" in it, but it's a great read:

And here's the link to a different interview he did with the Advocate:

In other soap links, the Goddess that is Crystal Chappell updated her website blog: with a really lovely post. She's also joined up to Twitter; so far today she's been tweeting from the set of the July 4th Bauer BBQ, which IS actually a Bauer BBQ this year as Danny and Michelle are back!!! (And I admit, I signed up to Twitter just so that I can follow her tweets. How sad is that??)

And in really sad news: Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor Africa back in the day, has announced he's battling cancer. Link to article There's also a video on the site where it shows him getting his trademark mop of curls cut off before he undergoes his first session of chemo. 

And now, I'm off to watch the remainder of the Champions League Final - not going our way at the moment though!!!!
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Here's Michael Muhney's very humourous reaction (via his Twitter) to his first day on set at Y&R:

"My first day on the set was crazy and fun and quite a wild ride. I had to hit the ground running at full speed. I think I need a new pair of shoes, but in these economic times I'll just have my shoes resoled ;-)  I'm honored to be a part of such an iconic piece of work and I can't wait to sink my teeth into this thing."

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Michael Muhney (formerly Sheriff Don Lamb on Veronica Mars) has landed the recast role of Adam Newman on Y&R.

This follows the previous Adam, Chris Engen, allegedly walking off set a couple of days ago (apparently upset with the direction of his storyline; spec is that he flipped out over having to kiss the guy who plays Rafe, but he's apparently been unhappy for a while.)

So, to recap: first they cast John Driscoll. Then they pull off the hugest secret in getting Thom Bierdz back. And now Michael Muhney is joining.

Y&R is definitely becoming must see tv for me!

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Good news - Castle got picked up for a second season!! This makes me ridiculously happy!!!

Bad news - my internet connection is still as slow as a wet evening on the M50. I rang Customer Service earlier on and got fed the usual line about how the engineers are working on the basestation and it should be fixed in a week or so..... yanno, the ususal crap!!! The annoying thing is it was fine on Thursday, up and down like a fiddler's elbow yesterday and then slow as hell again this morning!!! The inconsistency is annoying, as is the customer service promising to call you with an update and then not calling - I brought this up with the guy this morning and he was all "Oh, we had no new information which is why we didn't call" and I told him that if they just called like they said they would and said engineers were working and there was no new information that it might go some way towards alleviating customer frustration!! I actually felt sorry for the poor guy by the end - he kept trying to fob me off and I wasn't having any of it!!!

And as a follow up to yesterday's "This makes my head hurt" news.....

Cut to spare those who don't care.... )

Am sitting her watching the match with Dad (halftime, 0-0 between Man U and Arsenal for those who wonder "what match") and one of the talking heads has just been talking about Didier Drogba and Chelsea. He's just dropped the bomb that as far as he can see, Drogba's attitude shows that he thinks he's bigger than Chelsea. Seriously dude, what was your first clue???

And with that, I'm off to see Star Trek for the third time...

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So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted saying that I might have to start watching Y&R again because John Driscoll had been cast as Phillip Chancellor IV???
Well, I've just read spoilers for the ep that airs in the US today (it aired in Canada yesterday, which is how we know what happened) and all I can say is I'M BACK. WITH BELLS ON.

This is HUGE. Potentially game-changing, and follows in the best tradition of Friday soap cliffhangers. I cannot WAIT to see how they're going to pull this one off - it's either going to be brilliant, or a total trainwreck. Details of what actually happened are behind the cut (to spare those who have absolutely no interest - which is about 99% of my f-list!!!)  

Holy Moly..... )


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