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Flicking through the TV stations, and I see "breaking news" ticker on BBC to say Joan Rivers has died at age 81.

Terribly sad; she was a genuinely funny broad - myself and helsinkibaby got our mam tickets to see her when she played the Olympia Theatre in Dublin a few years ago; I think mam nearly choked laughing!

Ni bheaid a leitheann ann aris.

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I'm sure that eventually, I will be able to speak coherently about today's DWTS cast reveal.

However, all I can focus on is encapsulated in the text I just sent [ profile] helsinkibaby, which read:


In. All the way in.

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Sadly, confirmation on yesterday's post:

That link actually has a YT embed of Charles winning his Daytime Emmy (which I'm fairly sure was for the work Keating turned in following Ryan's death on the show) - he was just masterful.

To quote Mark Pinter (Grant) on his FB: “He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.”


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This is all over my twitter feed, but there's no official news link... Charles Keating, the wonderful actor who played the villainous Carl Hutchins in Another World, has passed away.

This is beyond sad... I loved him on AW, the whole "Ryan, I'm your father" storyline was one of my favorites.

*heading off to YouTube....*

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Second post, as I can't work out how to edit the previous one on the iPhone app...

Aliona is also back.


They sacrifice Anya and bring back Aliona???? WTF are TPTB smoking???

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Via twitter....

James & Artem out! (GUTTED about James. Not so much Artem - his refusal to choreograph the dances he was meant to was driving me bonkers!)

Natalie Lowe back!

Anya back as part of choreography team but not as a pro! (Boo to this, she was amazing last year with Patrick but at least we'll still see her)

Two new dancers - Joanne Clifton and TRISTAN McMANUS!!!!!!

I swear, when I saw Tristan's name I shrieked with delight (thank god the house was empty!!) Love him from DWTS, but he never got a fair shake on that show celeb-wise, here's hoping he does really well on SCD!!

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Think the icon says it all really....

Am absolutely thrilled and delighted with the result - now off to tumblr to reblog everything I can find and hopefully watch the reveal video - I think this one may beat Tony and Melissa's reaction to winning the All-Star season (which, lets face it, is the hands down best ever reaction from a pro to winning!!)


May. 20th, 2014 08:10 am
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Just watched Meryl and Maksims freestyle from last night..... Holy Mary Mother of God that was just breathtakingly beautiful!

Am at a loss to say anything other than if they don't win, it'll be an absolute travesty....

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Just saw on twitter.... according to the front page of tomorrow's Sunday People, Strictly have sacked James Jordan....

(Pic is of him and Ola, but given that there's been rumours of this all week, my money is on James being given the boot).

I'll be upset if this is actually true - this is possibly an unpopular opinion, but I like James - I like that he choreographs the dance he's actually meant to choreograph (Hi Artem!), I like that he sticks up for his partner and I love that he is so obviously head over heels in love with his wife.

And if this is true, and somehow Aliona is kept on the show, I'll be even more annoyed!!!

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The Beeb finally announced the new Strictly Come Dancing host last night - and as most of the fandom was hoping for, it's the Dream Team of Tess & Claudia!!

Full text of the press release is here:

I am so thrilled with this - they work brilliantly together on the results show, and the Saturday shows were Claudia filled in for Sir Bruce were some of last years best!

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But I have only just realised the Veronica Mars movie is available to buy/rent on iTunes!! (€16.99/€6.99 respectively)

So can I justify spending €16.99 on the digital download when I know I'll buy the hard copy DVD as well when it comes out in May???

[ profile] helsinkibaby? [ profile] maggis?? Anyone???

(This is an actual legitimate question by the way!! Opinions welcome!!)

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Just back from seeing the Veronica Mars movie with [ profile] helsinkibaby and [ profile] maggis ..... It's twenty to one in the morning, I've to be up at six thirty (which is an hours lie in) and I have to say I regret nothing!!

It is an INSANELY good movie - no spoilers here, but what I will say is they managed to make me like Logan as a character and Logan & Veronica as a pairing..... And I couldn't stand either in the show! (Here endeth the unpopular fandom opinion!)

And seeing Kristen and Rico play father and daughter is always lovely!!


Jan. 21st, 2014 07:24 am
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This is news I did not expect to see in my half-awake state this morning (or any morning come to that!):

Allison Sweeney (Sami Brady) is quitting Days of our Lives

Story is here: ; if anyone wants me I'll be simultaneously trying to wake up and pick my jaw up off the floor!

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Was just in our work canteen grabbing some lunch, and the guy beside me at the tea station put milk into a bowl of cornflakes, then ADDED COFFEE, mixed it all up and took it to the tills.

Not going to lie, I actually feel a bit sick now.

And am posting this here because I refuse to be traumatised on my own!

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So, this hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but the signs are looking good - Christine McVie is rejoining Fleetwood Mac!

Link to Digital Spy is here:

I read in a different interview at the weekend that she's been writing songs and sent some to Lindsay Buckingham, which is another very good sign!!

Time to cross the fingers and toes!'

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Happy New Year to everyone on my friends list - here's hoping that 2014 is good to us all!

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Just saw this on the interwebs - Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel have split after 10 years together.

Am absolutely shocked and flabbergasted at that one!

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Today has been a bumper day for GH casting news!!

First, Brandon Barash is out as Johnny!

Then, Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher are back as Brenda and Jax for the 50th anniversary! ([ profile] leobrat was the first person I thought of when i heard that!)

And now, Marcy Rylan (ex-Lizzie Spaulding on GL) is announced as the new Lulu Spencer!! Which I'm delighted about - I loved her as Lizzie!!

All this serves as a nice distraction from real life - a man was shot dead in the car park of the local pub this afternoon - it is literally 5 minutes walk away from my house! Passed by there on way home - Garda cars and tv news vans all over the place. Scary stuff.

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On foot of [ profile] misssimm's comments to my last entry, here's a few I realised I'd forgotten!!

+ From Guiding Light - Ross!!! Alan (evil, but his death was just so heartbreaking!) Coop. Jenna. Nadine.

+ Laura Avery on Knots Landing.

+ Felix Gaeta on BSG

+ Anyone who died on season 5 of 24, aka the season where they killed off most of the main cast!

+ Claire on McLeods Daughters. And Alex, near the end of the shows run. (Still so bitter about that one!)

I know there's more.... We could easily be going for Take 3 in the morning!!

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Because I've just fallen down the rabbit hole that is this twitter hashtag, here's a few that immediately spring to mind....

+ Wash from Firefly"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."

+ Jerry Barber, Rookie Blue

+ Melissa Bannon, Packed to the Rafters

+ Frankie Frame, Another World

+ Jen Linley, Dawson's Creek.

+ Lew in Flashpoint. Cannot watch "One Wrong Move" without sobbing

+ pretty much everyone they killed in Spooks, the last episode in particular still kills me!!

I reserve the right to edit this later.... Anyone got any they'd like to add?

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