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Courtesy of today's Irish Independent, news that 2 of the Criminal Minds cast may not be coming back for season 9 (if there is a season 9) over a pay deal..... Am not going to say too much in case people don't want to know; but from reading the article, it seems to be a case of CBS not learning their lessons.

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But this is a case of better late than never.....


Jun. 17th, 2010 02:51 pm
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Courtesy of [ profile] glimmeringlight - link to her LJ post is here

And in the 2 hours since I last posted, petition is now up to 17, 976 signatures :-)
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Petition to keep AJ and Paget on Criminal Minds

As I'm typing this (at 12.44 on Thursday afternoon), there are 17,362 signatures on there.
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Looks like the CM cast were just as taken aback by the casting news as anyone else:

Paget posted that "Creative Reasons" has been an Executive Bullshit excuse for DECADES. It IS financial. AJ is a dreamboat. And yes, I am hurt, too.” - presumably in response to the latest news that this is a creative decision rather than a financial one, and that there will be a new female cast member joining the show. Which is further evidence of WTFery and FUCBS.

She followed that with: Thanks to all the fans. From me, AJ and the cast. We love you. We will always appreciate your support. You are kind and wonderful. KISSES!!”

Thomas Gibson tweeted: “To say we're all mystified and disappointed is an understatement...all the fan support is much appreciated! Stay tuned...”

Matthew Gray Gubler: I feel like I'm in a strange dream where nothing makes sense...”

Joe Mantegna & Kristin Vangness both tweeted links to the petition to save AJ & Paget; in addition, Joe tweeted that he’s been in Europe for the last 3 weeks promoting CM, and the first he heard of this was when he got back to the US. When someone tweeted about him & Kristin being on board to save the ladies, he replied, “Of course we are. We love them and the show wouldn't be the same without them.”

I love that the cast are so close and backing each other up on this; is it too much to hope that TPTB will see the error of their ways? 

Oh yeah, this is CBS we're talking about. Not a hope.

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Just saw this on Ausiello - obviously, don't click on the link if you don't want to know.... link

In a way, I can understand the reasoning behind this; but can I just say that it massively, massively sucks??


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