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This just popped up on my Twitter feed and I actually gasped in shock..... then followed an awkward 5 minutes trying to explain to the Mammy why this was a big deal.....

Another Good Wife exit in the works.....

Trying not to spoil in case people don't want to know!!


Mar. 24th, 2014 08:18 am
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I just got spoiled for what happened in last night's ep of The Good Wife.

To say I'm absolutely stunned would be an understatement..... don't actually think I can watch this! :-(
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Read this last night and it's just gorgeously well written - something that's very hard to find in Cary/Kalinda fic!

every cowboy sings a sad sad song by [ profile] badboy_fangirl

summary: Cary isn't one to run. He isn't one to stay, really, either.

Highly recommended :-)
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 (You) I Thought I Knew You by [ profile] empressearwig 

It's a Good Wife / Sports Night crossover, pairing is Will Gardner and Natalie Hurley. Never would have thought of this in a million years, but holy moly IT WORKS!!
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Quick drive-by fic rec before I get started on my days work:

Once More Into The Fray by [ profile] abvj 

I loved this fic - I can't adequately describe it without gushing and flailing so I'm shamelessly bushwhacking the authors notes: it's "Will/Alicia and Peter/Alicia but mostly just Alicia because she is a fierce woman and derserves to have tons of fic written about her."

It's a gorgeous fic, so true to the characters and show. Go read it!!


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