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Got a call from our Internet Service Provider this afternoon - they're sending an engineer out tomorrow morning between 9 and 9.30 to look at our Poor Dead Internet.


And because Dad has Very Important Things to do, we decided that I'll stay home in the morning and go into work after engineer has (hopefully) lazaroused the Poor Dead Internet.

So I get a lie in - double yay!!

If you can all keep your fingers crossed that this gets fixed tomorrow, I'd appreciate it!!

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Home Internet is still dead. Woe!

But have spoken to (surprisingly efficient) support peeps who confirmed that no we're not getting a signal and will be sending an engineer out to investigate. No-one's appeared yet, but the fact they're returning our calls is a huge tick in the Win column!

Thank goodness for my iPad (I love my daddy...) - may not be able to dl stuff but I can still surf the web and look at stuff on YouTube, which is how I wound up watching DWTS clips earlier, and I watched JR Martinez and Karina dance their rumba earlier on.

Holy moly, he made me cry. I'm actually rooting for Karina (who I do not like!) to win the MBT.

Here's a link (I hope it works!):

This was story week - the contestants had to pick a year that was most important to them, pick a song, and tell a story with their dance. JR and Karina danced to Tim McGraw's If You're Reading This, dedicating it to all fallen soldiers. For those of you who aren't familiar with JR's story, he was a soldier in Iraq and suffered horrific burns over 40% of his body when his humvee hit a land mine. He's had over 30 operations and skin grafts; he's since become a motivational speaker and also an actor, playing Brot Munroe on the recently cancelled All My Children.

This dance was just gorgeous - full of emotion (you could see Karina was actually sobbing for real as they started after the VT) but he just danced it so well - had lots of hip action, lovely lines - and the rumba is such a hard dance for a celeb male because they've so little to do in it!
I feel the need to find screencaps and make an icon....
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+ So our home Internet has been down since Friday. At first I thought the router had packed in, and FavouriteUncleJim confirmed this on Saturday morning. However he also pointed out that we only have a power light on the IDU, but no Ethernet light, which means we're not getting a signal. And trying to contact the service provider is a nightmare - answering machines all over the place! I don't know who's finding the lack of Internet more traumatic - me or Dad; he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's no way of checking his mails! (OK, he can check them from the iPhone, but composing long mails on those things is a pain!)

+Plus which, FavouriteUncleJim's birthday gift to Dad was a Kindle, which he can't set up because we have no Internet!!!

+ Am planning a long post on Strictly; but let me just say I thought Jason & Kristina were amazing! Was very disappointed in Lulu, and was charmed by Dan & Katya's routine (and a little disturbed by the amount of sweat that was pouring off him at the end!)

+ was sick last week and wound up marathoning the first 8 eps of Rookie Blue season 2. Am developing a huge gra (Irish for love) for Luke - I sense this might be unpopular within the fandom but I just find him more interesting than either McNally or Swarek! And it's nice to watch Gregory Smith without shouting "shut up Ephram!" every five minutes! Also, Tracy and Jerry deserve more screen time than they're getting.

+ and having said all that, I need to sleep......

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Jul. 24th, 2011 11:08 pm
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Have just spent the last half an hour embedding m-vids, coding links and rambling in a post; hit "update", my Internet connection throws a wobbly and I lose THE ENTIRE BLOODY THING.

Technology obviously hates me.

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Internet speed has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow all evening - went shopping with [ profile] helsinkibabyand it was motoring along fine; came back a couple of hours later and it was slow as! Currently The Mentalist 201 is frozen at 28.9%, and Rush 212 is currently at 31.9%, downloading at a rate of 1.8kb/s. Ah well, only 1 day, 3 hours to go!!!

At least while it was motoring I managed to get caught up with the Kish clips that [ profile] jyl22075 has been putting up, which is something!

And when we were shopping I managed to pick up a birthday pressie for my dad, the new Karen Rose book and a pair of really lovely shoes!! (Looky here!!) Best part is I had a 20% off voucher for that shop, so I got them for a discount!!!

And now I'm away to my bed, before that cursed helicopter starts flying over the house again.... went back to work yesterday after my 9 Glorious Days of Annual Leave; this 5.30 alarm call is a killer!!
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Have just spent 25 minutes on the phone to broadband tech support - by the luck of the draw I think I managed to get through to the only helpful person there (and no, that is not sarcasm!)

I'd rung them earlier on today, explaining last nights findings to a different lad, who was trying to convince me something must have happened to the cables. My reply was that they're cable-tied to the wall and covered with plastic trunking, so it was actually impossible to get at them!! Unhelpful chap suggested unplugging router and IDU, letting them power down and then plugging them back in.

Gee, ya think I didn't try that already????

Anyway, the lad I just spoke to listened when I explained all this, and tried talking me through resetting the router. It didn't respond at all, so we're back to thinking it's a router problem and having to get a new one. Much nicer to deal with than yesterday, he recommended buying one myself as they have a shortage at the mo, and said if I ring back and ask for him he'll talk me through configuring it.

So I'll be back on to FavouriteUncle!Jim later...

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Aug. 11th, 2009 09:49 pm
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FavouriteUncle!Jim called over earlier to look at the router - his verdict is that, seeing as the power light has come back on there, and there is also a power light on the IDU unit, it's not the router that is broken; in fact the problem is that there's no signal coming from the roof antenna to the router.

Which means that tomorrow, I get to ring the incompetant shower of shysters again, though armed with a bit more techie knowledge this time!!!

(And if all else fails I'll patch them through to FavouriteUncle!Jim so he can really give out to them!)

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The Good: car is booked in for a service today, so I had to drop it into the garage for 8.30. This is not good for my poor abused little credit card, but it meant I got a 2 hour lie in. Bliss!

The Bad: FavouriteUncle!Jim, who works with me, drove to the garage behind me and brought me into work. (No courtesy car required from garage, thank goodness!) As FavouriteUncle!Jim is fairly computer savvy, I asked him about last night's internet problems. (Still no lights on the router this morning, btw) So FavouriteUncle!Jim listens and basically tells me what I knew, which is that the router is effed and I'm going to need a new one.

The Deeply, Deeply Stupid: I ring the Crowd of Incompetant Effing Shysters this morning, get talking to a very nice chap and explain the situation. He agrees that the router is effed, and tells me that as I've had this one since 2007 and the warranty only lasts for 1 year, I have to buy a new one. (THE HELL #1???)

So he tells me I can go to PC World, and names different brands of routers. And I ask, if I get my own router, configure it (or get FavouriteUncle!Jim to do same...) and it still doesn't work, what do I do then? The answer: "We don'ts upport third party routers." (THE HELL #2?????)

I then ask, if I order one from you, how long will it take before I have it. He says TWO WEEKS. (THE HELL #3?!?!?!?!) I think I deafened the guy with my disbelieving shriek. Apparently they don't keep any in stock.

At this point, I told the guy I was going to speak to Dad, whose name is on the account, and see what he wants to do. Went and ranted at FavoutiteUncle!Jim instead, whose opinion is that this is ridiculous - they're supposed to provide all the hardware so you can use the service (indeed, it says in the T&C that all equipment remains their property) so they should provide a replacement router. So he's going to come over this evening and take a look at it for me (and if needs be ring the Incompetant Crowd of Effing Shysters tomorrow pretending to be my dad to argue the case for me!!!)

I am so mad right now I think there's steam coming out my ears!

I think it's definitely time to look at alternate service providers....

Uh oh....

Aug. 10th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Before I could turn the broadband off and on again, the wireless connection died. Looking at my watch, realised it was heading for 10 so I said eff this, it's too late to start messing round with this.

But as the machine was powering down, I looked at the wireless router.

There are no lights on it at all.


So I turned it off and on again.

Lights go on. Lights go off again.


Am going to go to bed and say a couple of decades of the rosary that all will be well in the morning (and I won't have to ring that shower of cowboys....)


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