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Very quick (am on break at work!!) drive by fic rec.....

Flow by [ profile] monimala

It's Nashville fic, Deacon/Juliette (which is my ship of choice on the show, and that actually surprised me because before I watched it, I totally thought I'd ship Rayna and Deacon!) and the summary is It’s not till he’s gone a year that she really feels the loss.

Go read!!
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However, in the case of Kelly and Val, I am making an exception. 

I blame [ profile] leobrat and her bad influence (it was the same with John and Taylor.....)

Here's an absolutely gorgeous fic from [ profile] shealynn88 - If You Never Try Then You'll Never Know.

Gorgeously written, deliciously angsty push pull going on here, and I loved every second of it!!

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Am linking this here because it is just heart-breaking gorgeous....

from [ profile] comment_fic, still can't take the sky from me

{I cannot believe I don't have a Firefly icon!!!}


May. 29th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Because that shot just begged to be iconed!!

Really enjoyed Rookie Blue 3.01 - I thought it was a great opener, really like the new rookie (and on a shallow note, I loved Charlotte Sullivan's hairdo, it really suits her that length!). William Shatner, for once, wasn't hammy (and his last scene just broke my heart - being deliberately vague for those who may not have seen it yet!)

Here's 2 fic recs that I've read in the last few days:

Take You Far by [ profile] waltzmatildah- Gail/Luke, smutty banter that manages to be as adorable as hell!!

I Make The Boys Fall Like Dominoes - by[ profile] drzlilsuga, Gail/Luke(Nick)  

As I've said before, Gail/Luke are so my ship of choice on this show..... the recs reflect that! 
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Stayed up way way way past my bedtime reading this last night (thank goodness for Bank Holiday Mondays) - it's a Hawaii Five-O version of The Time Travellers Wife - When Steve meets Kono, he is twenty-eight and she is twenty. He has never met her before. Kono has known him since she was six years old.

The Time Travellers Wife is one of my favourite books, and I have to say this is a gorgeously written fic. It's awfully hard to find good Steve/Kono fic - as I think we all know, about 98% of the fic in the Hawaii Five-O fandom is Steve/Danno (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's nice to read something different every once in a while!) 

Bottom line - it's brilliant, go read it! (But be warned it's long and you may need a tissue at the end).

Link goes to the masterpost: But World Enough, and Time by [ profile] ratherastory

Fic Recs

Feb. 28th, 2012 09:02 pm
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Am still flailing about Gladys Knight and DWTS, and have had Midnight Train to Georgia stuck in my head all afternoon and evening. I don't see this changing anytime soon.

Speaking of flailing, I've read a couple of great fics recently which feature my sekrit UC Castle pairing - Beckett and Esposito! Seriously, there were a couple of moments back in season one which just made me go "Hello!" - of course I can't remember now what they were (which could be cause for an s1 re-watch!)

But it's nice to know it's not just me - and its nice to read well written Castle fic that's not Beckett/Castle or Esposito/Ryan. (Not that there's anything wrong with those pairings, but holy moly there's a lot of it!)

Not What They Do by [ profile] carmen_sandiego 
Summary: It's not about smart.

How Come You Never Go There by [ profile] hannasus
SUMMARY: He’s not really the work late on a Friday type. She ought to know, because she’s here more Friday nights than she’s not.

And wow.... three posts in one day. This may be a sign of the apocalypse.....
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You Just Might Make It Home by [ profile] waltzmatildah:

It's an amazing Rookie Blue fic that gives Luke a backstory and has him in an established relationship with Gail - amazingly well written, I could see the scenes playing out as I was reading!

As you can probably tell, Luke/Gail is my favourite pairing from the show at the moment (2.11 has a sin to answer for!) What am I going to do when season 3 comes on and blows this out of the water?!?!

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This fic popped up on my f-list yesterday, and I'm pimping it here because I really enjoyed it:

I Am Done With My Graceless Heart by [ profile] catteo- Rookie Blue, Luke/Gail, He doesn't really understand how they became friends...

It's a really lovely fic, where Luke is a fundamentally decent guy who's blown up his own life and Gail drags him out of his angst just by being awesome! (Grossly over-simplifying there, but it's a really good read!)

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Read this last night and it's just gorgeously well written - something that's very hard to find in Cary/Kalinda fic!

every cowboy sings a sad sad song by [ profile] badboy_fangirl

summary: Cary isn't one to run. He isn't one to stay, really, either.

Highly recommended :-)
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This just popped up on ye olde f-list and it is a great fic - Greys Anatomy / Private Practice crossover, pairing is Alex Karev and Amelia Sheppard and it really, really works! There are some lovely Alex/Addie touches as well, which I particularly enjoyed becuase I am still bitter they never got a fair shake on the show!

Go read!!

we all have our scars by [ profile] duchessofavalon

Fic Rec

Jun. 29th, 2011 08:35 am
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The universe obviously agrees that I should stop buying stuff off iTunes - internet slowed right down last night, so I only got 4 songs downloaded from David Cook's new album, thus scuppering my plan to listen to it on the way in and out to work today.


On the bright side, I did read a kick-ass Law & Order: UK fic: one equal temper of heroic hearts by [info]vegarin.

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you know I dreamed about you by [ profile] torigates 

Found this via ye olde friends list and it's just lovely - Dan/Natalie, and really really well done.

I need a Sports Night icon.....  Edited to add: Found one!!
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Am coming to the conclusion I need an ebook buying intervention.

Speaking of reading, the lovely and amazing [ profile] yahtzee63 has written another Guiding Light fic; it's Roger/Holly and is distinctly adult (or, as she said to me, not to be read at work!!)

Go read, if thou art so inclined:

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Am linking this here - Barcelona by [ profile] yahtzee63  -  Amid her world travels with Ed, Holly thinks back on Roger.

All I can say is that it is gorgeous, utterly in character,  and it made me a trifle weepy. Go read!!

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 (You) I Thought I Knew You by [ profile] empressearwig 

It's a Good Wife / Sports Night crossover, pairing is Will Gardner and Natalie Hurley. Never would have thought of this in a million years, but holy moly IT WORKS!!
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Linking this here - lovely little post-ep for 3x13, featuring Charlie and Mona (aka Bug GIrl). So freaking cute, hope we see more of Julie McNiven! (And the alt-verse in general!)

Nalassus laevioctostriatus by [ profile] aparijita :

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Quick drive-by fic rec before I get started on my days work:

Once More Into The Fray by [ profile] abvj 

I loved this fic - I can't adequately describe it without gushing and flailing so I'm shamelessly bushwhacking the authors notes: it's "Will/Alicia and Peter/Alicia but mostly just Alicia because she is a fierce woman and derserves to have tons of fic written about her."

It's a gorgeous fic, so true to the characters and show. Go read it!!
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 Who put this weekend on fast forward? Can't believe its Monday already....

Watched the season opener for Private Practice over the weekend - its a show I have a love/hate relationship with, because I always feel (a) it should be better than it is, and (b) I hate that they've made Addison so weak 90% of the time; where's the Awesome!Addie I fell for in Greys s2?
But I enjoyed this ep - the end scene made me go "I knew it!!!" and I can't wait to see what happens in 302.

Also watched the season opener of Fringe, which is another show I go in and out of, but having read bits and pieces about the set-up for this season, I thought it sounded intriguing and I said I'd give it a go. And I am so glad I did, because I loved it! I now have to go back and watch the bits I missed of season 2 - thankfully [ profile] helsinkibaby  reckons she has that on her external HD so I can bushwhack it from her. 

Speaking of [ profile] helsinkibaby , she gave me the link for an absolutely AWESOME Rush fic that appeared on her f-list: What I Want To Hear by [ profile] ygrawn . It's Stella/Michael, and it made me flail all over the place because it is just so completely and utterly THEM. If you're a fan of the show at all, you should definitely read it - good Rush fic is hard to find!

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Reed this one a couple of days ago and loved it:

You'll See A Side Of Love You've Never Known by [ profile] sing_song_sung 
The first time she's attracted to Mike Chang, she dismisses it as her baby hormones making her crazy.

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This was the first thing that popped up on my f-list this morning, courtesy of [ profile] yahtzee63 :

The Map Is Not The Territory  by [ profile] kitsune13 

It's a Will/Rachel fic, which may not be everyones cup of tea. However, they are my super sekrit Glee 'ship (mmm.... maybe not so secret anymore!) and kitsune13 does a great job of showing the progression from teacher/student to friends to something more. It's an amazingly well-written fic, her characterisation (Rachel, especially) is just spot on.

Cannot recommend this highly enough!


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