Jul. 1st, 2012 11:06 pm
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Another FU CBS moment... per Daya Vaidya's twitter, CBS have made some creative changes and the supporting cast will NOT BE RETURNING TO UNFORGETTABLE SEASON 2.

CBS giveth, CBS take away.

I think this is an absolutely asinine decision; for me the supporting cast made the show and I was really hoping they'd go more with an ensemble feel in season 2.... I like Poppy, but she can't carry off being the lead of the show.

And I just can't fathom Unforgettable without Kevin Rankin as Roe!!

And at this stage, I have now created an FU CBS tag, as the need for it is obviously not going to go away!!!

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Some good news to wake up to on a Saturday morning: CBS has renewed Unforgettable for a 13 episode run, to be shown in Summer 2013.

Link to Ausiello's story: http://t.co/EJQ43psS

Am delighted with this - the show was finally finding its stride at the end of season 1, I think adding Jane Curtin (Joanne) and Britt Lower (Tanya) really gave it a new lease of life.

The Summer 2013 slot is good as well - Daya Rivera, the actress who plays Nina, is about 7 months pregnant with twins right now, so hopefully the timeframe will work for her.

Though honestly, once we get more Roe and Tanya scenes, I'm a happy girl!!

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Just saw on Tim Kangs Twitter that Summer (Samaire Armstrong) is back in tonights US episode of The Mentalist. This makes me crazy happy, because Cho and Summer were fantastic together in that last ep! (I know what I shall be watching on Friday night!!)

Watched the first ep of Unforgettable when it aired here on Tuesday night - Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and Michael Gaston in one show had to be worth a watch! And I have to say it wasn't bad - not the best pilot I've ever seen, but I'll definitely be checking it out again next week.

Hideously behind on everything else at the moment, including Revenge, which I'm going to have to marathon some night.....

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