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So helsinkibaby tagged me in this last week, and I’m finally getting around to doing it….. and can I just say how utterly HARD it is to pick just five couples for this?!?!?!?

Choose 5 OTP’s without looking at the questions in the Read More first, then tag.
1.      Luke Callaghan / Gail Peck (Rookie Blue)
2.      Jake Jagelski and Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill)
3.      Buffer and Kate (Sea Patrol)
4.      Alex Ryan and Claire McLeod (McLeods Daughters)
5.      John Young and Astrid Finch (The Tomorrow People)

Most of my friends list have already done this at this stage, so I’m not tagging anyone – if you haven’t done it or just want to do it again with different OTP’s, feel free!!!

onto the questions.... )
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Not gonna lie, I am very excited about the season 4 premiere (even though it will most likely be Friday evening again I get to see it!!) 
There have been interviews popping up online with Tassie Cameron and different cast members which really make it sound like this is going to be a great season:

THR interview with Tassie Cameron

HuffPost interview with some of the cast

Travis Milne

Charlotte Sullivan

Obviously, they can't give too much away; but the stuff Charlotte and Travis say about their character arcs sounds really good - and at this stage, I'm anxious for some of the other cast to take centre stage and not have this be The Sam and Andy Show every week. (God knows tumblr is full of fans who just want RB to be Sam and Andy - I'm not one of them!!)

That's partially why I'm looking forward to seeing Sam with Marlo - we've never seen Sam with anyone other than Andy, so it'll be interesting to see that. (Not that I'm letting myself think Sam and Andy are anything other than Endgame - though I do think Tassie Cameron has a sin to answer for by actually saying that at the end of last season!)

RB 3.09

Aug. 10th, 2012 07:14 am
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Thanks to the wonders of tumblr and its gif-sets, I have just willingly spoiled myself for THAT episode of Rookie Blue (for which I was already spoiled...) 

To say I am fighting back tears at my desk would be an understatement. 

I'm now going to read news articles about Katie Taylor and her shiny gold medal to find my happy place. 
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Linking this here ahead of tomorrow nights game changing ep of Rookie Blue - an interview with Eric Johnson on Luke's return to the 15th:

I am really looking forward (but at the same time not looking forward) to this ep!! Looking forward to seeing this new, more focused Luke - and hoping like crazy he doesn't get sucked back into the McSwarek orbit, I've no interest in seeing that!

(Let's be honest, I'm one of the people Eric talks about who saw chemistry between Luke and Gail. I still want that to happen dammit!!)

My other new favourite show - and if I were twitter hash tagging this, it'd be something like #yesiamthelastonetohoponthebandwagon - is Flashpoint. How did I not know of the brilliance that is this show before now???


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I have been neglecting the LJ and the 100things meme badly in the last few months.... mainly because work is crazy busy at the moment and I barely turn on the laptop when I get home!

Plus which I'm behind on all my shows!! :-(

But I have to get caught up on Rookie Blue, especially as tonight's ep is the first in a 2 parter, and the second half next week is the ep where the Awful Awful Spoily Thing happens.

Here's a link to a piece Ausiello wrote about tonight's ep, which is non-spoilery and has the added bonus of comments on Luke & Gail at the end of season 2.... We weren't seeing things peeps!!

Link is here:

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There is a SPOILER doing the rounds over on Tumblr (and possibly on LJ too) for Rookie Blue 3x09. 

(And it's not that Luke is back with a supremely dodgy beard.)

F-list, let me give you some advice. If you think you want to read this spoiler, DON'T.


End of PSA..... I am now going to scrub my brain with lye in an attempt to forget what I read. 


May. 29th, 2012 07:38 pm
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Because that shot just begged to be iconed!!

Really enjoyed Rookie Blue 3.01 - I thought it was a great opener, really like the new rookie (and on a shallow note, I loved Charlotte Sullivan's hairdo, it really suits her that length!). William Shatner, for once, wasn't hammy (and his last scene just broke my heart - being deliberately vague for those who may not have seen it yet!)

Here's 2 fic recs that I've read in the last few days:

Take You Far by [ profile] waltzmatildah- Gail/Luke, smutty banter that manages to be as adorable as hell!!

I Make The Boys Fall Like Dominoes - by[ profile] drzlilsuga, Gail/Luke(Nick)  

As I've said before, Gail/Luke are so my ship of choice on this show..... the recs reflect that! 
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You Just Might Make It Home by [ profile] waltzmatildah:

It's an amazing Rookie Blue fic that gives Luke a backstory and has him in an established relationship with Gail - amazingly well written, I could see the scenes playing out as I was reading!

As you can probably tell, Luke/Gail is my favourite pairing from the show at the moment (2.11 has a sin to answer for!) What am I going to do when season 3 comes on and blows this out of the water?!?!

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This fic popped up on my f-list yesterday, and I'm pimping it here because I really enjoyed it:

I Am Done With My Graceless Heart by [ profile] catteo- Rookie Blue, Luke/Gail, He doesn't really understand how they became friends...

It's a really lovely fic, where Luke is a fundamentally decent guy who's blown up his own life and Gail drags him out of his angst just by being awesome! (Grossly over-simplifying there, but it's a really good read!)

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+ So our home Internet has been down since Friday. At first I thought the router had packed in, and FavouriteUncleJim confirmed this on Saturday morning. However he also pointed out that we only have a power light on the IDU, but no Ethernet light, which means we're not getting a signal. And trying to contact the service provider is a nightmare - answering machines all over the place! I don't know who's finding the lack of Internet more traumatic - me or Dad; he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's no way of checking his mails! (OK, he can check them from the iPhone, but composing long mails on those things is a pain!)

+Plus which, FavouriteUncleJim's birthday gift to Dad was a Kindle, which he can't set up because we have no Internet!!!

+ Am planning a long post on Strictly; but let me just say I thought Jason & Kristina were amazing! Was very disappointed in Lulu, and was charmed by Dan & Katya's routine (and a little disturbed by the amount of sweat that was pouring off him at the end!)

+ was sick last week and wound up marathoning the first 8 eps of Rookie Blue season 2. Am developing a huge gra (Irish for love) for Luke - I sense this might be unpopular within the fandom but I just find him more interesting than either McNally or Swarek! And it's nice to watch Gregory Smith without shouting "shut up Ephram!" every five minutes! Also, Tracy and Jerry deserve more screen time than they're getting.

+ and having said all that, I need to sleep......

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