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This icon, plus a few more, popped up on my flist this afternoon - seriously, am so so delighted right now because Emmerdale icons are so so hard to find (there's a lot of Aaron and Aaron/Jackson, but not so much for other couples / characters).

And when you consider Nikhil and Gennie (or "Genhil") are the only reason I'm tuning in at the moment, you can imagine my joy at (a) the episode and (b) finding actual icons!!

They're made by [ profile] yorkshirewench and the post in question was on the [ profile] emmerdale_icons community.
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Especially on nights like this when it gives me awesome Emmerdale casting news!!

Simply put, Priya Sharma has been recast, Mama & Papa Sharma have been cast. They're coming to the village because of Jai's engagement to Charity and to help plan the wedding.

But the best bit is that Mama Sharma is being played by the fabulous Trudie Goodwin, best known as Sgt June Ackland from The Bill!!!!


The thought of Charity facing off against June Ackland is just too delicious!! (Because you know she's going to disapprove of Charity!)

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 In a stunning turn of events that surprises absolutely no-one, have announced that James Sutton (Ryan) is leaving Emmerdale.

So long Sutton
We are sorry to announce that James Sutton, who plays Ryan Lamb, will be saying farewell to the Dales this Spring.

It's been an explosive couple of years for James, as Ryan has dealt with murder, incest and not forgetting his dramatic spell in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

James says "I've massively enjoyed the last two years playing Ryan and been blessed to have worked with a group of such talented and supportive actors."

"I feel that Ryan's storylines have drawn to a natural conclusion and although I’ll be sad to say goodbye, I’m excited about what the future holds."

"Having trained in theatre I’m looking forward to getting back to my roots and exploring new opportunities."

Executive producer Steve November says, "James has been a much valued member of the cast and we wish him all the best for the future."

I'm torn between a reaction of "Aw crap" and "not remotely surprised" - James has been dreadfully underused, even his big storyline, "a dramatic spell in prison for a crime he didn't commit" wound up being more about Natasha, Nathan and Maisie than it did about Ryan! And with Kim Thomson (who plays his mother, Faye) announcing her departure a couple of weeks ago, the writing was very much on the wall. 

But its just such a flipping waste!
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Just found this on YouTube, it's the promo for the Emmerdale fire, which airs this Thursday and sees two of the villagers perish in the inferno.

Trailer itself doesn't give much away, which is more than can be said for one of the tv listings magazines, which has published the names of the victims..... (not giving anything away, but it's exactly who I thought it would be. And there's one character who I'm very disappointed it isn't!!)

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Watched this on my iPhone in the office this morning, and all I can say is i'm incredibly glad that no-one came into the office as I was watching it, because I think they would've sent for the men in white coats!

Feel awful for Nikhil, because you know watching this that it's all going to end in tears (probably mine as well as his!). And it's a shame the writers chose to go this way - especially as they checked out of the Niksie relationship as soon as Alice announced she was leaving (they had precious few scenes together after Marks body was found, and ever since they got back together its obvious that he likes her more than she likes him)

It's a shame, because they had so much potential.....

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 Sad Emmerdale news broke yesterday: from Lyndon Ogbourne's (Nathan Wylde) Twitter:

Tweople young and old, Thankyou for all your immense support and love, I hope it may continue long into my future career…’ll be out in the papers today…but I wanted you all to know first. Emmerdale has been such an incredible experience for me, and the final Act of the Wyldes drama will be so gripping! I’ve had great fun and have learnt so much from creating one of the most loved to be hated Emmerdale characters! But my ambition and excitement for future projects has led me to feel this is the right time to step away from the show, but I know this won’t be the last you’ve seen of the devilish Nathan Wylde! Xx …
It's sad, but given that Alice and Amanda have already confirmed they're going, not altogether surprising. Nathan is way too villainous to integrate into the village without those two - though what this means for Will is anyones guess!!! Producers have said they're not killing Nathan off, so he could return in  the future (sadly for me though, I'm becoming resigned to the fact that they're probably going to kill Maisie off, much as I would like her to just take Will and leave the village, I can't see it happening....)
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This was posted on the ITV website earlier on, and uploaded onto YT by the fabulous kimba - it's a cut scene from tonight's ep, where Aaron & Jackson meet Jackson's mum Hazel, played by the always marvellous Pauline Quirke.

I can see why it was cut - it's nearly 5 mins which is a big chunk of the ep, plus the lightness of this really didn't fit in with the rest of the ep (reaction to Shadrach's death, Mark's body being found).

Can't wait til Hazel moves to the village on a permanent basis...

Aaron meets Jackson's mum
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jyl2075, have you seen this?

The Wylde/Lamb stuff from last night's Emmerdale, including the tremendously endearing Nikhil & Maisie scenes :-)
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Am posting this link here for handiness sake - its the Nikhil/Maisie scenes from tonight's Emmerdale, where they show exactly why they are the cutest couple in the show!

Do I even need to say how gutted I am that Alice is leaving???
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Just saw on-line that Alice Coulthard (Maisie Wylde) has quit Emmerdale: Link

BLONDE Emmerdale babe Alice Coulthard has quit, we can exclusively reveal.


The actress, who plays Maisie Wylde, told bosses she wants to concentrate on carving out a career in London.

Alice, 26, who is due to marry this summer, said: “After two amazing years, I’ve decided to leave Emmerdale.

“I’ve had a wonderful time and will miss working with such a hard working and talented team of people.

“I feel privileged to have been involved in some of the show’s most gripping storylines and I’m excited to be a part of the drama that is about to unfold for the Wyldes.”

Her posh character has had a stormy time, even falling in love with her half brother.

Bosses are keeping tight-lipped about her exit plotline but series producer Gavin Blyth added: “Maisie Wylde’s compelling story will take more twists and turns in the coming months as she delves into darker territory which will culminate in her exit from the show.

“Alice has been a real asset to Emmerdale and we’ll be sad to see her go.”

I'm quite sad about this; Maisie is one of the best female characters on the show and her pairing with Nikhil (points to icon) is just genius.

In other Emmerdale news, DS has an interview with producer Gavin Blyth here and there are additional character teasers here

ETA: Interview with Rik Makarem where he talks about Nikhil & Maisie here
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Again, this is for my own info and [ profile] jyl22075 :

Mon - 7pm (30 mins)
Tues - No ep
Weds - 7pm (30 mins)
Thurs - 7pm (30mins) & 8pm (30 mins)
Fri - No ep

This is the week that the World Cup starts in earnest, so only losing 2 eps isn't bad going....
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Some very cool Emmerdale casting news which broke over the weekend: Pauline Quirke is joining Emmerdale as Jacksons mother

Part of me is delighted at this, as it means Jackson is sticking around. Also, it's Pauline Quirke, who is just fabulous. On the other hand, Emmerdale already has a lot of characters who are underused and badly in need of a storyline (Nikhil, Jai, Faye, Ryan....)

Also, between the finals of Britains Got Talent and the looming world Cup, the show is being shunted round a bit - for my own information, and also for [ profile] jyl22075 , here are the scheduled airing for this week and next:

This week:
Mon - no ep
Tues - 7pm (30 mins)
Weds - 7pm (30 mins)
Thurs - 7pm (30 mins), no 8pm ep
Fri - 7pm (30 mins)

Next week (w/c Monday June 7th)
Mon - 7pm (30 mins)
Tues - 7pm (1 hr)
Weds - 7pm (30 mins)
Thurs - 7pm (30 mins) & 8pm (30 mins)
Fri - 7pm (30 mins)

World Cup starts on Friday 11th, which means we'll need a map and compass to find our shows....


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