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Bullet point update, as it's all my brain is capable of right now....

+ I discovered yesterday morning that there is something worse than training a class at 7.30am in the morning, and that's disciplining the apprentice who fell asleep in middle of the video presentation which forms the bulk of the 7.30am training class. Not fun, particularly when he answered me back with all the reasons he fell asleep (in til 8pm the night before, not home til late) and trying to wiggle out of doing the course again next week! (Joke was on him though - I was straight on the phone to his foreman, who proceeded to ream him up one side and down the other and sent him up to my desk to apologise for being so disrepectful! Good times!)

+ Then I got a phone call in the office from my cousin who had a computer issue - that was grand, but given that she's very very pregnant with a due date of last Saturday, and her husband works on my site (where the mobile reception is rubbish in the buildings!) the heart went crossways on me when I saw her name on caller ID!

+ Haven't been posting much about Strictly here; I think part of the problem with that is I feel quite disengaged from the show this year. I like some of the competitors and still love most of the pros, but I don't have a favourite couple this year. Added to this the fact that Judy Murray has well overstayed her welcome (seriously, she dragged Andy out last week. She got to Blackpool. Can she go now?) and that the judges scoring is more bonkers that ever this year - James Jordan and Camilla Dallerup's twitter feeds are interesting given what they think and how the judges score! I'll keep watching, but the sparkle isn't quite there for me last year. (Especially after last Saturday's shenanigans of the Daily Fail's hatchet job on Ola. Producer manipulation is high this year - if I wanted that, I'd watch the X Factor!)

+ As ever, am behind on my shows. However I have seen up to episode 4 of Scandal, and think I will be having a marathon of 5- 8 this weekend - from what I've seen, Bellamy Young is just stealing the show as Mellie (or "eff it Mellie" as Bellamy christened her on Twitter). My unpopular opinion is that I like Jake with Olivia, and I loathe her and Fitz and indeed Fitz in general. He is a horrible human being and what people see in the Olitz romance is just absolutely beyond me!!
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But most of the time I feel like I've nothing to say!!! So here we go with a bullet point list to break the duck......

+ had an amazingly productive day at work; which may have had something to do with the fact that the EHS Manager, who I work closely with, was on a days annual leave, so I was able to get heaps done without him throwing more at me! (He's a delegator, but he fires so much stuff at me that when he asks why haven't I got (A) done, I have to reply "because you got me to do D, E, F and G after that! Full capacity here!!" Which is quite annoying. Especially when the guys on the team get swamped and I get some of their workload as well as my own. Grr)

+ Rookie Blue is back on Thursday!! I has All The Feels!!!!!

+ I have started watching Arrow. Holy Moly, why did no one tell me it was so good!! Already, I am multi-shipping like crazy (only watched up to ep 7, but am spoiled for the events of the finale..... not happy!!) The cast is awesome, with the exception of Katie Cassidy, who I'm sure is a lovely person but I think, acting wise, she is the weakest link there. And watching Paul Blackthorne play someone totally different to his usual sauve, debonair type is just a revelation (the accent!!)

+ Need to start posting my 100things list again. I have savagely been neglecting this.

+ Soap wise, I am in love with Elizabeth and AJ on GH. They are so smiley and pretty together!! (and I refuse to acknowledge that thing with Carly. It never happened!!)

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Holy Moly, this has been a long week. I was in work on Thursday and couldn't believe that it was only Thursday; it felt like it should be next Wednesday!!

That said, work is good - crazy busy, but I have to say that I'm finding being in an open plan office is doing wonders for my productivity!! Am developing a nice project that will not only keep me nice and busy and give me something to stick my teeth into; but also has the potential to raise my profile in the company, so that's kind of exciting!

In other news, I bought a new car today! Current car is 3 years old, and once it hits 4 years old here it has to go for an NCT test every 2 years..... plus my dad is big on changing cars every 2-3 years so you get the maximum trade in value out of it..... And of course I brought him with me as he drives a very hard bargain (last time out he almost made the salesman cry!) so I wound up with a very nice deal! Should have it in 10-14 days - very excited!!

Is it wrong that I'm developing an interest in this years American Idol because Keith Urban is on the panel?

And because I just posted on leobrat's LJ about this - I am SERIOUSLY LOVING Elizabeth and AJ on General Hospital! They are so sparkly and awesome and displaying some serious chemistry - it's a real, old-fashioned slow burn of a romance (as opposed to the insta-romance we've become accustomed to seeing on GH!) and I am so enjoying it! (And crossing fingers and toes that the writers don't eff it up!)
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God, I suck at updating lately.

Lets start by saying office moves are hell. We've just relocated to a new office on site - just across the road from the old one, but when you're trying to move the guys of 100 people, plus phone lines plus IT systems plus a million other bits and bobs.... Well it's kinda stressful! It wouldn't be too bad if The Move was all you had to concentrate on, but you also have to do your normal job on top of all that! And of course, everyone thinks the thing they asked you to do us the only thing you have on your plate and they can't wrap their head around why it hasn't been done yet...

So yeah, lots of stress and no fun. Though our IT boffins swear it should have all settled down by tomorrow. Given their track record I remain to be convinced. 

Though the new offices are gorgeous. And CLEAN. 

And have a link, because this made me laugh out loud on a very shitty day: Ireland, A Translators Guide -

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Work today was pure mental - got given (piecemeal) a list of about 26 lads who require a specific training course; and because I got the names in dribs and drabs it felt like no sooner had I got one class organised than more names came in and I had to start again!!

And then after lunch, my stationary delivery arrived, which included the balance of 2012 diaries I'd ordered. (Also, some of my lads seem to think I'm psychic - "do you have a diary for me?" "No." "Why not?!" "Because you didn't reply to the mail I sent, telling you to let me know if you needed one?")

Tis annoying.

But the balance arrived in today - and in the bottom of the box, there was this:

A PINK A4 diary.

And it's gorgeous - the O'Briens ones are all hand-stitched and the quality is just excellent.

I have never seen a business diary that colour in all my days (usually they're black, red, green or blue) - and given that I work on a construction site, I'm going to have fun finding a home for this one!!

Or I could just retire my Filofax for the year...

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Jul. 20th, 2011 07:42 am
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Yanno, if you're going to text me and say you can't come into work because you're throwing up and you think its food poisoning, it's probabley not a good idea to put up a FB status update the night before saying that you're out partying up a storm.

Kinda makes me not believe you.

Annoyed now.
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And now I has it.

Came into office this morning and thought "God, office is cold, did I forget to leave the heater on?" (Because that has been known to happen!)

Checked heater; dials are the same way I left it. But no heat.

Looked in corner; MCB's are fine, nothings tripped out.

Computer is on, and it's plugged into sockets on that circuit, so I'm thinking OK, it's the fuse in the plugtop.

I appropriate (rob) a heater to keep me going while I try to find an electrician. (Given that I work for a company of them, it's surprisingly difficult to do!)

Work away as best I can despite cold in office; after several cups of tea and complaining later, I decide to check again.

Everything same as before, except this time I follow the cable to the wall socket, which us half under my desk.

And I discover the problem.

Some clever so and so has TURNED THE SWITCH OFF AT THE WALL.

I flip the switch; BAM! Instant heat.

Do I even have to tell any of you how mad I was? LIVID is a better word; it was on when I left last night so I have no clue who turned it off.... surprisingly, no one is willing to admit culpability!!

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Another holy moly moment.... today is the ten year anniversary of Another World going off the air. That's absolutely mind-boggling to me - where does the time go???

Internet speed is still up and down like a fiddler's elbow; I'm downloading the first ep of "The Philantrophist" and it's been yoyo-ing like crazy - currently it's downloading at 145.3 kb/s, but a few minutes ago it was at 3kb/s!!! Had no intentions of downloading this til I heard Jesse L. Martin was in it, and then it got added to the To Do list!!! ([ profile] helsinkibaby , bring a USB stick over at the weekend and it's yours!!!)

Had my Performance Appraisal at work yesterday evening - considering that my CM's never actually done one before (he's been on the receiving end, but never actually ran one himself!!) it went very well, he's quite happy with my work and the way I run the office. So yay!!! And today, everyone on site had to do a re-induction course for the second phase of the project which is starting up. On one hand, we're like "Christ, we have to do this AGAIN?" but on the other hand, if they're making us do the induction they must be intending on keeping us on!!! (We're getting very good at looking on the bright side in the construction game!!!)

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In a disturbing addendum to my last post, I just went into the kitchen and saw that people had been using the left out all night milk....

If you need me, I'll be in the bathroom throwing up....

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Get into work, and as I'm parking the car I see my General Manager walking in. (He's here this morning for a meeting, hopefully not to fire me.....)

Then I get into the office, and see my CM (contracts manager) going into the kitchen, full carton of milk in hand.

That's odd, thinks I, there was half a carton there yesterday evening.

So I goes into the kitchen to make my morning cup of tea, and lo and behold, there is the half carton of milk on the kitchen counter.

I look at CM. "Was that left out all night?"

CM takes life in hands and confirms yes it was.

I just looked at him, and he told me to take a deep breath and count to ten.

I did. Then exploded.

Seriously, how hard is it to put the milk back in the effing fridge????? IT'S RIGHT BESIDE THEM!!!!!

Today can only get better right????

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May. 11th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Today was a bit of a shocker on site - 3 of my foremen got called in by the General Manager (aka theColmBoss, as opposed to S, the on-site Contracts Manager) and were given a choice of either taking a temporary leave (of 13 weeks) until work picks up, or they could take redundancy and finish up this Thursday. No word on the grapevine about their decisions (I'd say they're sleeping on it) but it was a bit of a shock for a Monday (our work week runs Friday to Thursday, so no-one expects the bullets to fire on a Monday).

And tomorrow, one of the HR girls is coming out to speak to the lads about the new Stress Management Policy. Great timing - we're all staring redundancy in the face, what other way could you be but stressed????

So, in order to distract myself from the crapness of it all, I've been surfing the internet:

Another World Today has it's second episode up, plus an interview with the fabulous Linda Dano!!

It's offical, Rick Hearst is back at B&B as Whip: 

In other surprising news, Jordan and Peter Andre have announced they're seperating (LINK )  I'm kinda surprised at this, although when helsinkibaby and I saw them on Paul O'Grady a few weeks ago, he was redefining the term "hen-pecked husband"

In less surprising news, (which will mean absolutely nothing to 95% of the people reading this) RTE announced that Ryan Tubridy is going to be the new host of The Late Late Show. Again, slightly surprised, as I thought Miriam O'Callaghan was a shoo-in, but if they want to re-invigorate the LLS and bring in a younger audience, Tubridy is your man!!

Anybody got any happy news???
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Having watched the first 2 eps of Castle, I think I have a shiny new fandom (points to icon). Obviously I was predisposed to like it because it's Nathan Fillion, and Nathan being hot and funny and snarky is always good! I like the banter between Castle and Beckett, and the relationship between Nathan and the girl who plays his daughter is really cute. Plus which you have Ruben Santiago Hudson (AW's Captain Billy Cooper) playing the police captain (not typecast at all then) and Susan Sullivan is hamming it up bigtime as Nathan's mom.

And in 1x02, there was a total shout out to Nathan's soap opera days - "I got my the idea for my first novel from One Life to Live" (For those of you who don't watch soaps, Nathan played Joey Buchanan on that show.)

In other news, work has quietened down a bit - and I mean that in a depressingly literal way! The site we're on is coming to an end, so we're moving bodies onto other jobs (where we can, if we can't they're being let go...) 3 more of my foremen finished today - 1 was transferred to a different job in Dublin, 2 are gone west of the Shannon. Checking the payroll hours this morning took me less than ten minutes, usually it takes much longer! (Mind you, we were on a 3 day week being as we were off Monday and Tuesday, so that helped....)

We were also fundraising today as it's Daffodil Day, which is a national day of fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society. Had to go around the office with a sponsorship card - for however much money the site raised, we were allocated tickets in a raffle Head Office were running. Our site managed to raise €463.50, which isn't bad going!!! Should find out on Monday if we actually won anything...

And this last bit is going behind a cut tag, because I don't want to spoil anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled....

latest Dr Who casting spoilers.... )
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I am not having a good day today, mainly because stupid people in the office either don't answer the question I ask them or their answers are so vague as to be no bloody use at all!

I knew I was on trouble when one of the sparks (one of the nicest lads you could meet, lucky for me!) knocked on the office door and the response he got was "WHAT?!" That was at 8 this morning, we start at 7.30...

And it's not getting better - have had to send another spark in with a request to one of our subbies to mail me across a doc I need to modify - whenever I ask this guy for something I have to hound him before I get it; the request comes from one of the lads I get it in five minutes! Which leads me to think that this is one of those guys who doesn't believe in having women on a building site, and is not even smart enough to hide that fact!

And with that off my chest, I shall go back to work...

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Today was a LONG day at work - the lads spent the weekend doing a stocktake of all the plant and equipment we have on site, which was handed into me yesterday afternoon to input onto a big spreadsheet so we can send it up to our Head Office. There are about 10 A3 size pages, all full, which have to be inputted. And the sheet the lads filled in is a simplified version of the massive spreadsheet, so it's not as simple as just inputting the data; I'm hoping from one column to 3 columns over then back 2 columns....

In short, it's a horrible, long job - I got to the last sheet half an hour before finish time and I just couldn't do anymore - I was losing the will to live!!! ([ profile] conjunkie , you have no idea how welcome your texts were this afternoon!!!)

Am very behind on all my shows, with the exceptions of 24 and BSG. (Detailed thinky thoughts on those at some point soon - bullet points are scribbed on a sheet of paper, just have to type them up!) My plans for a Saturday GL marathon were thwarted by my dad, who was working in the room where we have our computers set up. I could have done what I did on Friday night, plugged in my earphones and watched it with him in the room. Unfortunately, that was the ep where Coop died and poor Dad thought I was going mad as I sniffled behind him....

And now, I am going to go and search for match sticks to prop my eyes open with.....
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There are times when I love the people I work with, and there are times when I really don't!! First day back at work was yesterday (freezing cold office, frozen pipes which meant there was no water which meant there was no way to make tea at 7.30 in the morning - not good people!!). So mid-morning saw me upstairs in one of our sub-contractors offices, both of us bemoaning the chest infection we'd been afflicted with over Christmas. And as I'm about to leave, he goes "Did you get your present?"

I looked at him "No, there was nothing on my desk....."

So he looks in the foreman's desk, and there's a small gift bag there with my name on it. Thanked him, and waited til I was in my own office to open it - in an industry where the standard "thanks for all your help through the year" gift is either a bottle of wine or box of chocolates, (not that there's anything wrong with wine or chocolate!!) thiscrowd got me a bottle of perfume - Coco by Chanel! To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement - particularly as this is the company that I'vehad screaming fights with over the last six months because of their complete refusal to DO WHAT THEY'RE SODDING WELL TOLD!!!!!! 

Flip side came today - still haven't shaken the chest infection, and I have a fearsome cough that is quite honestly freaking the lads out. There were a queue of them in my office today when I took a coughing fit, the ferocity of which prompted one of my foremen to ask if I'd prefer pine or mahogany for my coffin!! I couldn't even give a smart answer back - just coughed some more!!
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I'm almost speechless... Dad came home from work a little while ago, and just sat down to go through the pile of post which has been accumulating on his desk for the last few days. And in the pile is an envelope with my name on it, obviously left on his desk so he could pass it on to me.

So I open the letter, and inside is a letter from an apprentice whose name I recognise but I can't put a face to! Basic gist of the letter is to say that he's handed in his notice and is leaving the company, but he wanted to thank me for getting his apprenticeship started with the company, it's been very benficial to him for the last two years.

This is one of the nicest things I've ever gotten - makes me think that maybe I wasn't a complete flop in the HR Department!!
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Some of you may know that I took 2 weeks holidays from work after the Infinity con - first day back was this Monday. I was hoping that YerMan would be gone by the time I got back, but this was not to be. (He was supposed to be working a months notice, or staying til they found someone else. As with everything else he did, it was very hard to get a definite answer out of him as to when he'd be going).

So I went back on Monday and was told that he was finishing this Friday (as in tomorrow) and that C, one of the other girls in the department, was taking over his role. Which is great, because you're not bringing in someone brand new and also she's actually competant!! And C, being the type of person she is, has been really nice all week, even going as far as to suggest we go out for a leaving meal after work some evening. It didn't come to pass (not that I would have gone, I would have been having a fitting for my bridesmaids dress whichever evening they picked!); eventually it was decided we'd go out for lunch tomorrow. 

Today, he was just a complete prick from the moment he came in. C was asking questions, being perfectly nice and reasonable, and all she was getting back was attitude. Snide, nasty, really confrontational tone. Aand we all noticed it - worst part is, because C is the one member of the team who hasn't had much to do with him on a day to day basis, she thought she'd done or said something to upset him! Myself and E spent half of lunch telling her no, it's not you, it's him!!

So, the point of the story my friends, is this. I left the office at 4, as usual. Battling my way down the carpark that is the M50 (supposedly a motorway, it has a severe identity crisis) my phone beeps with a text message. And because I'm stuck in hellish traffic, I flip it open and read the text. 

From E, it's telling me that YerMan is finishing at 5 today, and will not be in tomorrow. He is GONE people, he is gone!!!!!!  I will never have to look upon that smug, sneery, condescending face again!!!!

Dance Numfar, dance!!!!

And because today keeps on getting better and better, I come home and find a torrent online for the 24 season 7 trailer!! Not to say too much (don't want to spoil people) but I was a very happy girl!!! It made me want to watch it (and considering the clusterfuck that was season 6, that is a major feat!!!)

How's everyone else doing???
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Quick update for all those of you at G3 who had the grave misfortune of asking me "So, how's work going?" and got treated to a rant about the utterly frustrating and incompetant team member who just wouldn't pull their weight...


I know, this is very very bold of me, but I am sitting typing this with a big grin on my face!!! He didn't appear in this morning, so N (the dept manager) rang his work mobile, thinking he might have shifted his days around without telling us again and be working from home today. Work mobile turned off, so she rang his own personal mobile. Long story short - words were said and he resigned.

Whether he is coming back to work notice or not, or just to hand back the phone, clear out his desk, we don't know (only found out all this had happened at about 2.30 this afternoon) - but the important thing is that he is gone!!! TI'm just so relieved that I don't have to put up with his crap anymore (or not for much longer anyway...)


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