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I'm still bitter.

On that note, last weeks Daytime Confidential made the case for GL being brought back for a limited series run a la The X Files - link is if anyone would like to read and wish what might have been!!
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[ profile] helsinkibaby, after our DVD buying texts of last night, I found a link to this:

20no classic eps of Guiding Light being released on DVD!! Doesn't look to have any of the Peter custody storyline (my fave!) but it does have some classic stuff there!

Also, the E Street DVD's shipped today!!!

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Have just spent the last two and a bit hours devouring Kim Zimmer's memoir I'm Just Sayin' : Three Deaths, Seven Husbands and a Clone - My Life as a Soap Opera Diva

If you are at all a fan of Guiding Light, you have simply got to read this book.

As you'd expect, there's a lot in it about the final days of GL, Kim doesn't mince her words when it comes to the subject of Ellen Wheeler, GL's Exec Producer for the last 5 years of it's life. On the other hand, she shares great anecdotes about a number of her co-stars, and there's a lovely chapter where she talks about co-stars who have since passed away (Beverlee McKinsey, Larry Gates, Chris Bernau and of course, the wonderful Michael Zaslow.)

Of course, there are stories she tells where she doesn't name names, but it's pretty obvious who she's talking about.... (the co-star who fell in love with every single one of her leading men was widely rumoured at the time....)

It's a hugely enjoyable read - cannot recommend it highly enough!

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Am coming to the conclusion I need an ebook buying intervention.

Speaking of reading, the lovely and amazing [ profile] yahtzee63 has written another Guiding Light fic; it's Roger/Holly and is distinctly adult (or, as she said to me, not to be read at work!!)

Go read, if thou art so inclined:

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Am linking this here - Barcelona by [ profile] yahtzee63  -  Amid her world travels with Ed, Holly thinks back on Roger.

All I can say is that it is gorgeous, utterly in character,  and it made me a trifle weepy. Go read!!


Apr. 22nd, 2011 10:49 pm
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Am continuing my stroll down Memory Lane in Springfield, and just found a clip that has me dancing around my room with glee - after weeks of will they won't they UST, Dylan and Bridget FINALLY get romantic - until she tells him that she wants Peter back! Link is below (wouldn't let me embed!?) - D/B stuff starts at 5.50 mark and is quite short, follow-up doesn't seem to have been uploaded (not in descriptions anyway, but i haven't watched them yet...)

I keep saying it, but God i miss this show.
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I have spent most of the last few evenings watching clips from this YouTube channel:

Loads of videos from Guiding Light, especially the glory daydream that were 1993/94 - the story that got me hooked, "Who Shot Roger", features heavily, as does clips of Marj Dusay as Alexandra. But wrapped up in all these are some lovely Dylan/Bridget scenes, as she struggles to get custody of baby Peter back from Vanessa (Dylans stepmother). I loved loved loved Dylan and Bridget back in the day - I still refuse to acknowledge the TRAVESTY that was Brian Gaskill - they were friends before they got involved romantically, and I remember a lot of will they won't they (mostly because of the custody battle) and that's the kind of thing you don't get in soaps today, that slow burn as opposed to insta-romance

One of my favourite moments occurs in The Secret Wedding Clip 13, where Vanessa confronts Dylan over his support of Bridget and throws him out of the house.

God, I miss this show.
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It was announced that Guiding Light had been cancelled.

I remember seeing the news on my Google Reader when I got home from my book club meeting; it was one of those moments where I literally could not understand what I was reading (last time that happened, it was when Jericho was cancelled the first time. FU CBS indeed).

It still rankles that GL was canned when it seemed to be turning the corner - Phillip coming back, Otalia, etc. But I think that was just too little too late.

But as I've said before, it lives on through YouTube - check out the ClassicGL channel for sone truly brilliant memories.

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After last night's post, I've been on YouTube this evening looking at old clips of GL - this post has two purposes; for me to actually have these links somewhere I can find them again, and in case anyone else is remotely curious and wants to watch them!!

The first ep I ever saw of Guiding Light was Bridget standing up and playing "Miss Just Cause and Impediment" at Dylan's wedding to Julie - she's about to leave, but when she hears Julie's vows, when she tells Dylan she'll always be honest with him, Bridget can't stay silent any more and tells Dylan - and the entire congregation thta the night before her wedding, Julie slept with Hart  WildHorsesp9

For those of you who watch Matt Bomer on White Collar or Chuck, you may not know that he got his start on Guidiing Light playing Ben Reade, son of Fletcher. (TIIC made him a serial killer, but we don't mention that.....) Here's a playlist featuring many of his scenes from GL (lots of Danny Cosgrave and NSA as Michelle - oddly enough, she doesn't annoy me as much once she's away from Danny!)

Sep 15 09 Philip proposes to Beth - again. There were a lot of scenes that made me cry during that last week on air. This is one of them.(And on a purely shallow note, Beth Chamberlin looks amazing!)

Goodbye My Friend :This was before my time, but so many people agree that the death of Maureen Bauer changed the fabric of Springfield irrevocably, and I've no reason to douubt that. But it was exceptionally well-executed. There are about 30 clips from the storyline on YouTube, I'm linking directly to the "You have broken my heart" scene:

Henry's letter to Vanessa:`After the death of Henry Chamberlain, a devastated Vanessa returns home and reads the letter he left for her. Another clip that makes me bawl.

Otalia: before the cancellation announcement and the utter travesty that their storyline eventually degenerated into, Otalia were nothing short of amazing. Here's Olivia-GraveyardConfession and  Natalia-GazeboConfession

Michael Fairman's four minute tribute clip, which was not aired at the Daytime Emmys:

I do have other favourite clips bookmarked; think I'll be doing a second post on this one!!
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I didn't realise til I saw it on another blog, but it's exactly six months today since Guiding Light aired its final episode.

And in another couple of weeks, it'll be a year since the cancellation was announced. (April 1st. Classy.)

Being honest, I still miss it; and it still annoys me that the plug was pulled just as they were on a creative upswing. As I said repeatedly at the time, it looked like it was beginning to turn around, but sadly it was too little too late.

At least we have plenty of clips on YouTube ... (though I cannot find ANY of the custody battle between Vanessa and Bridget for baby Peter - what is with that?! That storylibe kicked off not long after I started watching back when it was on Sky Soaps; that and Rick Hearst is what got me hooked on watching GL!)

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Oh dear....

Nov. 6th, 2009 08:54 pm
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Just saw this linked on twitter:

GL's Clarke Recovering
Jordan Clarke (ex-Billy, GUIDING LIGHT) recently suffered a stroke and is recovering. "Jordan Clarke was in L.A. working on VENICE, the Web series," explained the president of his official fan club in a statement. "He had a mild stroke between L.A. and N.Y. His prognosis is good and he's expected to fully recover. Fans are welcome to send cards and well wishes to his fan club. The address is OJCFC, P.O. Box 73, Bloomingdale, GA 31302. Or they can post a message on his message board, at"

The tweet was just that hed suffered a stroke, which instantly made me think the worst... hopefully he'll make a speedy recovery.
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Holy Mary, Mother of God.

Grant Aleksander has just killed me. I am a weeping, snivelling wreck. (Which is a step up from the ugly, snotty howling wreck I was 15 minutes ago). The scene where he found Alan.... talking about how Alan had saved him and how he wanted to just live in the moment... and then when he walked to the other side of the bench and realised....

Oh god, now I'm off again....

Like I said last night, I accidentally spoiled myself for this, but after watching the ep, it kinda made sense. For so long, Alan has been the villian, and I always thought he was irredeemable. And now, in the course of the last few eps, he has been. So I think dramatically speaking, it made sense to kill him off at this point - adds to the tragedy, the pathos.

I just wish that we had more than 3 eps to go, becuase the fallout to this SHOULD be epic!

I also loved the scene with Beth - her picking shells, and the proposal.... theway Grant's face just lit up, and how it was so obvious that Beth Chamberlain just couldn't control her tears. (And her dress, by the way, was fabulous)

The whole double wedding was just brilliant - I teared up during the vows, expecially when Billy got so choked up, and again at Josh's best man speech. I feel so bad for Josh, because he's so lost right now. Talking about going back to Venezuela... there is part of me that wants him to wind up with Reva, but if they manage that over the course of the next 3 eps I'll be amazed. (Then again, there is a rumour that they're doing a flash forward, so if that's true it's not outside the bounds of possibility...)

And now, I have to go on a little ramble, and I apologise, but we had ORIGINAL RECIPE DYLAN AND BRIDGET people!!! And the way Morgan's face lit up when Dylan saw Bridget at the country club for the first time.... they still have the same chemistry they had all those years ago!! Even though they've barely spoken, it's obvious that they're no longer together, so TIIC haven't completely erased the clusterf*** that was Brian Gaskill's tenure (as I so hoped they would!). But oh my God, it was so good to see them again!!! (At some point in the next 3 eps, I would love a scene between them that includes the line "it was like I/you were a different person for a while there," becuase while I'm sure Bryan Gaskill is a lovely guy, he was NOT DYLAN SHAYNE LEWIS.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox on that, or we will be here all night.... I'm going to start listing my faves in bullet points, or we surely will be...
  • Loved Shayne and Marina connecting over baby Henry. If there is a flash forward, my money is on them being together.
  • Loved Loved LOVED Lillian's scene at Maureen's grave. Loved the line about how her death changed the whole town - becuase for many fans, it did and I loved that they acknowledged that.
  • Loved how everyone is gradually finding out about Otalia, and taking it in their stride. The Phillip/Beth "yes, they're.... very close" convo had me howling with laughter.
  • The kid who plays Emma is so damn cute!
  • So glad that Jonathan is staying in town, and that he's arranged joint custody. And I loved Sarah meeting all her Spaulding family. LOVED the fact that Beth nearly choked on the word "Grandma"; that felt very real to me!
  • Loved the cameo from Jeanne Cooper and Cristian LeBlanc... he barely said a word but was so good as Justin the toyboy!
  • Still like Cyrus and Mel. (Although I LOATHE the whole retcon that made him Jenna's kid. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT
  • Frank and Blake on the IM's was cute, and them not knowing who they were talking to..... oh man!
  • Now, I love Blake, and I'm all for her having a romance, but in the days before cancellation, there was a rumour going the rounds that she was going to be hooking up with Josh, which I would really have loved to see. Though obviously, once the news of the cancellation broke, everything changed.
  • Have to say that I skipped through all the James / Daisy stuff. Because, and I know I'm like a bloody broken record on this one, HE USED TO BE HER BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!
I know there's more I want to say, but I think it's time to call it a night before I go into a complete rant about how TIIC are repsonsible for ruining this show and getting it off the air (actually, I was ranting about that and just copied it into a seperate doc, so that may be posted at some point over the next few days!) But for now, my bed is calling.....

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And now, thanks to the search function in twitter, I have now confirmed that GL did do what I thought they did.


I will be downloading and watching Monday and Tuesdays eps tomorrow, and sobbing my eyes out.


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I think I just spoiled myself for the ep of GL which aired in the states today (Tuesday) - [ profile] cheapevilgirl tell me they did not do what I just think they did????

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I can't believe we're into the last week of Guiding Light....

here are youtube links for the 60 Minutes segment which broadcast yesterday (and yes, it did make me cry):
part 1:
part 2:

And I have to say, Grant Aleksander completely called it in this comment:  "There are some great stretches that the audience will grant you, you're allowed to send a child off at the age of 12 and bring them back 6 months later fully grown, they will accept all those kinds of things, they won't accept if you take a character and write it in a way that is completely inconsistent with what they have come to accept"

Shoddy, sloppy writing, more than anything else, is what irreperably harmed the show. Although I still think that if CBS had taken the leap of faith and renewed it for another year, things may have been different, because they really turned a corner in Feb of this year (Grant coming back, Otalia, etc)


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I love you so much. I just didn't want you to be sad.....

Have just finished watching yesterday's GL - Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlin have just killed me. I can't believe there are only two weeks left....

GL Tribute

Sep. 2nd, 2009 09:59 pm
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Saw this linked from [ profile] misssimm 's twitter: the complete 4 minute tribute which Michael Fairman put together for the Emmys, only part of which was shown.

I will admit, it made me cry. (And the quality, BTW, is AWESOME)
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Paul Anthony Stewart just tweeted that he's at work taping the final episode of Guiding Light today. Final tape date is August 14th, which is tomorrow week. This makes me very very sad.

Am seriously considering creating an FUCBS tag....

Some very quick book recs - I've finished reading these 2 in the last week, and loved them both:

The Likeness by Tana French
From Amazon: French’s debut novel, In the Woods (2007), introduced Dublin Murder Squad detective Cassie Maddox and earned unanimous critical praise. Cassie is back, and French has written another winner. The body of a young woman is found in the ruins of a old stone cottage in a dying village outside of Dublin, and the dead woman and Cassie are virtual twins. Lacking suspects or leads, the victim is reported by the police to be injured but alive, leaving Cassie to step into the dead woman’s life as a Trinity College graduate student and the housemate of four other students. Despite the tensions of being undercover, Cassie quickly learns to love her quirky, insular housemates and her new life in a once-grand house, even as the Murder Squad investigation yields little. Someone stabbed her doppelganger to death, and Cassie must find the killer. The Likeness has everything: memorable characters, crisp dialogue, shrewd psychological insight, mounting tension, a palpable sense of place, and wonderfully evocative, painterly prose. In the Woods was an Edgar Award finalist; this one just might go one step further.

You don't have to have read Into The Woods to make sense of this one; details are revealed about Cassie from that book, but not how that murder mystery was resolved. I loved this book - lots of twists and turns, I was kept guessing up til the end. And I liked the character of Cassie (even when I wanted to shake her at times!!)

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
From Amazon: All Chloe Saunders wants is a life like any normal teenager - the chance to get through school, make friends, and maybe meet a boy. But when she starts seeing ghosts, she knows that life will never be normal again. Soon ghosts are everywhere, demanding her attention. When Chloe finally breaks down, she's admitted to a group home for disturbed kids. At first Lyle House seems okay, but as she gets to know the other patients - charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek; obnoxious Tori; and Rae, who has a 'thing' for fire - Chloe begins to realise that something strange and sinister binds them all together, and it isn't your usual 'problem kid' behaviour. And they're about to discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home, either ...

I absolutely loved, loved loved this book!!! I started reading it last weekend when I was away, and I actually begrudged putting it down so that I could go out for dinner. You're trying to piece all the pieces of the puzzle together at the same time as Chloe, and it's just addictive reading; you keep going til it's done. Have just started the sequel tonight, and I'm enjoying it as much as the first!!


Jul. 25th, 2009 03:32 pm
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Telenext released an official statement yesterday announcing that they had exhausted every avenue trying to find a new home for GL, but they were unsuccessful.

So the Light goes dark on September 18th.


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Okay, it's possible I may be the only person madly excited by this one...... is reporting that MORGAN ENGLUND AND MELISSA HAYDEN ARE COMING BACK AS DYLAN AND BRIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for the capslock, but this makes me so happy!!!! Back when I first got into GL, Dylan and Bridget were my favourite couple; actually the first ep I ever saw was Bridget busting up his wedding to Julie. I adored them through the whole Who Shot Roger Thorpe? story, and the custody battle was one of my favourite GL stories ever!!!

Which makes me pray that the casting folks get involved and cast a teenaged Peter Reardon - I really want to see Roger's grandson on this show before it goes off air!!!!

No specific dates yet, but it looks like August sometime......


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