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[ profile] misssimm, have you seen this?

Susan Flannery Leaving B&B

A source tells Soaps in Depth the actress signed a short-term contract with the soap to allow executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell "some time to strategize in terms of storyline."

Not exactly a surprise (Flannery's been making noises about this for the last few years) but she is a massive, massive loss - more so than Ronn Moss in my opinion. I can't imagine B&B without Stephanie! Who's Brooke going to fight with now????
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In what I found to be a surprise, Bill Bell Jnr has told TV Guide that Ridge will neither be killed off nor presumed dead, he's just going to be off the canvas for a while.

Here's the link:

He also says that Ridge will be back, so it looks like there's going to be a recast. Not too sure how I feel about that - Ronn Moss may not be the best actor in the world but he is Ridge Forrester.

Names have been mentioned for possible recasts, including Grant Aleksander (ex Philip, GL). All I can say is God help me, if that came to pass I would be all the way bank into this dreadful show!!

One way or another, i'll be YTing this!!

And on other I'm out then they pull me in news, Greg Vaughan has started taping his new role on Days of our Lives - he's playing Eric Brady (last played by Jensen Ackles) and judging by a pic that Kristian Alfonso tweeted over the last few days, he's now a priest! Link to the story with all the deets is here and the link to KA's pic is here

So, I suppose our next guessing game is who's going to tempt Eric from his vows??

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I can honestly say I never in a million years saw this soap news coming:

After 25 years, Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) has decided to quit The Bold and The Beautiful

Link is here:

After the first initial thought of "Holy Feck", I think this could be a brilliant opportunity for the show - if they have the guts to kill (or "kill") Ridge off. For sure, you'd be looking at an Emmy for Katherine Kelly Lang; I still think she should've won for the work she did when Storm died (and God, this news must be so hard for her).

I don't think they'll recast - after 25 years, Ronn Moss is Ridge Forrester. I think they'll go presumed dead and then after a while, if Ronn doesn't wish to return, recast then.

One thing I would love to see that will never happen out of this - Thorne (Winsor Harmon) getting a storyline.

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Gotta love the last twitter check before I turn out the lights....

Apparently ABC have cancelled The Revolution and renewed General Hospital for another year!!

And Crystal Chappell is headed to B&B - she's playing Caroline 2.0's second mother! Haven't seen any of Caroline 2.0's scenes, but I think the character is an interesting addition to the canvas (Caroline is the only one of Ridge's pairings I could tolerate, and Joanna Johnson is great - happy to see her back as Faith)

Mind you, B&B has a long and tragic history of making great signings and doing eff all with them, so this is bound to be really great or a trainwreck...

But let's focus on the positive - 1 year renewal for GH!

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Holy moly, it's all happening in US soaps today!!

Just saw on twitter that Dena Higley has been fired as Head Writer at Day of our Lives; no word yet on replacement.

Also, Rick Hearst has been bumped to recurring over at B&B; a dumbass move if ever I heard one!!

Am looking forward to what's going to break next!!

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Have just seen on Sarah Brown's twitter that she's starting work on B&B; looking around Internet, it looks like her character Sandy will be mixing things up with Nick, Bridget and Whip (Rick Hearst)!

Ok, if they pair Sarah and Rick, who had mad chem on GH as Ric and Claudia, I will be delighted!!

(Conversely, if they put her anywhere near Ridge, I shall scream. LOUDLY.)

Now, if they could just pick up Greg Vaughan.....

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