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Have a look at Lin-Manual Miranda singing all the Disney songs :-)

And if that doesn't do it, Tom Daley's reaction when he and partner Dan Goodfellow learned they won the bronze medal in the schronised diving just might!
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Found this on Twitter last night - a really lovely oral history of Rent - can't believe it's 20 years old!!
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This popped up on my tumblr this morning..... if you're like me and bemoan the whole tumbleweeds feel that LJ has, it's worth a read.....
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God, I suck at updating lately.

Lets start by saying office moves are hell. We've just relocated to a new office on site - just across the road from the old one, but when you're trying to move the guys of 100 people, plus phone lines plus IT systems plus a million other bits and bobs.... Well it's kinda stressful! It wouldn't be too bad if The Move was all you had to concentrate on, but you also have to do your normal job on top of all that! And of course, everyone thinks the thing they asked you to do us the only thing you have on your plate and they can't wrap their head around why it hasn't been done yet...

So yeah, lots of stress and no fun. Though our IT boffins swear it should have all settled down by tomorrow. Given their track record I remain to be convinced. 

Though the new offices are gorgeous. And CLEAN. 

And have a link, because this made me laugh out loud on a very shitty day: Ireland, A Translators Guide -

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Because [ profile] leobrat posted another vid of theirs in her last post, I hit YT to find this and figured I'd post it here so we could all relive the sheer perfection that was Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov......

My favourite routine of theirs, to the Rolling Stones Out of Tears:

More YT....

Apr. 8th, 2012 09:58 pm
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This time, a better quality clip of the Adele & Darius Rucker duet of Need You Now that I originally posted a few weeks ago... and when I say "better", I mean Darius is featured as much as Adele in this!!

And Charles's reactions are still flipping adorable btw!!!

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So, I was chatting to a friend on Twitter and she made the excellent point that Aliona, and indeed a large portion of the SCD viewing audience, may not actually be aware of the brilliance that is Jill's Jive.

Of course, they've heard about it from the judges and from IIT, it's SCD folklore at this stage, but they may not have actually SEEN it.

To whit, a YouTube linkapolooza!!

First off, the original jive, from Series 2 Week 3, which Bruno calls "a masterclass in jive"

Lastly, we have Jill's guest appearance during Series 6, where she and Darren came back to show them all how it's done!!

It is impossible for me to overstate how much I adore this dance - for me, it's the best SCD routine ever.

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Have just watched these 2 vids and squeed my head off:

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood sing "Remind Me":

Blake Shelton and Kenny Loggins sing "Footloose":
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Home Internet is still dead. Woe!

But have spoken to (surprisingly efficient) support peeps who confirmed that no we're not getting a signal and will be sending an engineer out to investigate. No-one's appeared yet, but the fact they're returning our calls is a huge tick in the Win column!

Thank goodness for my iPad (I love my daddy...) - may not be able to dl stuff but I can still surf the web and look at stuff on YouTube, which is how I wound up watching DWTS clips earlier, and I watched JR Martinez and Karina dance their rumba earlier on.

Holy moly, he made me cry. I'm actually rooting for Karina (who I do not like!) to win the MBT.

Here's a link (I hope it works!):

This was story week - the contestants had to pick a year that was most important to them, pick a song, and tell a story with their dance. JR and Karina danced to Tim McGraw's If You're Reading This, dedicating it to all fallen soldiers. For those of you who aren't familiar with JR's story, he was a soldier in Iraq and suffered horrific burns over 40% of his body when his humvee hit a land mine. He's had over 30 operations and skin grafts; he's since become a motivational speaker and also an actor, playing Brot Munroe on the recently cancelled All My Children.

This dance was just gorgeous - full of emotion (you could see Karina was actually sobbing for real as they started after the VT) but he just danced it so well - had lots of hip action, lovely lines - and the rumba is such a hard dance for a celeb male because they've so little to do in it!
I feel the need to find screencaps and make an icon....
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Hot on the heels on the remake that we're not talking about becuase it's just wrong and should never happen, this popped up in my twitter feed this morning:

CW to develop remake of "Beauty and the Beast"

It'sbeing described as "a modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist."

Given that I loved the original, I'm a little but wary of this news......

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If you're a fan of The West Wing (waves at [ profile] helsinkibaby) you really need to look at this:

Seaborn Administation Picspam by [ profile] magisterequitum 

Seriously, this needs to be a tv show right now!!! As it is, it's going to make an AWESOME [ profile] het_bigbang  story!!!
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Am linking this here for my own records: - the funniest 115 moments from Survivor 1 through 11. 

Somewhat predictably, Dead Grandma is #1.

My personal favourite - Lil becoming a badass and beating Fairplay in the final Pearl Islands immunity challenge - comes in just outside the top ten, at #12

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Have seen this on my friends page, so am reposting the link here: Rewriting History: A Comment Fic Meme

There are some very interesting prompts there ([ profile] helsinkibaby , there are some Anne ones!) and a couple of good fics already (that's a link post for later!)

Also, I've never mentioned it on here, but i do have a tumblr, where I mostly reblog picspams and pretty pics from other users. Link is on the sidebar if anyone wants to check it out - there's a tags page where you can find stuff easily rather than wading through the whole thing as well.
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 Am putting this here both for my own records and to boost the signal - some great prompts / fic here!

Original ficathon link:

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Found this over on spooky_doings, and am linking here because it's so lovely: [ profile] lady_meander's Ryth & Harry picspam (with quotes!) from 901.

The second scene, in particular, just killed me.

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 Just found a link to a blog she writes for - in the blog she posted a couple of days ago, she answered fans questions, including how she'd like to see Firefly end:

in my perfect imagination, it ends a little something like this: Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?), and one who mysteriously looks a lot like Matthew Fox, who became a regular cast member in season six. River has finally found her marbles and is now captaining her own ship with her loyal second-in-command, Jayne, who claims that River is the best captain he's ever known. Saffron is now their mercenary, and Jayne's lover. And because this is the future and vast discoveries have been made in the world of medicine, Jayne is pregnant with their first child. Inara and Mal finally profess their undying love for each other while Inara is, well, dying in his arms (something gruesome, lotsa blood), and Mal finally realizes that life is short. And promptly confesses his (other) undying love to Zoe. And she promptly punches him in the face.

Awesome! Link to blog is
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Found this while I was LJ-hopping a couple of weeks ago, and flailed like a flaily thing (quite how I managed to forget to link to it til now, I have no idea!!)

It's a picspam put together by [ profile] falseeyelashes of a gender-flipped West Wing. People, I would so totally watch this version of the show!!

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Have spent most of Sunday night and yesterday reading comments to this post, in which author Diana Gabaldon informs us that fanfic is illegal and immoral and likens fic writers to thieves pedophiles and husband stealers.

The comments are similarly entertaining; a lot of people who haven't heard of fanfic, and who can't seem to grasp the idea that fanfic =/= plagarism.

DG has a second post up - linky - which smacks of damage control.

From the comments, [ profile] bookshop posts in defence of fanfic.

Seriously, after wading through all those comments (537 on the first DG post as I type this) my head hurts.
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[ profile] helsinkibaby , here's the videos I was talking about last night - it's an AU crossover series featuring Haley James from One Tree Hill and Justin Walker from Brothers & Sisters. I know you don't watch B&S, but I don't think you need to in order to follow.... even so, the vids are amazingly well put together - definitely watch the first one to "Just A Dream" because its so good!!

Just A Dream


Here Without You


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