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Shamelessly coping and pasting from [ profile] lost_spook over on the spooky_doings community....

Roll on the spring!!!!
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Poster out today, trailer releases tomorrow!!!!
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Quickest hour of TV I've ever watched in my life.

I cannot say anymore than that right now.

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Do not know how they're going to wrap all this up in one hour next week, but the promo for it just looks effing epic!!!

This was an absolute humdinger of an ep - my heart was racing the whole way through.... especially during the embassy scenes!!

(and let's not talk about that scene that illustrates why I always check my back seat before I get into my car!!)

Seriously, how can next week be the last ever Spooks?!?!

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Thoughts on the first ep are below - suitably vague, to spare those who haven't seen it yet or don't care!!

* Seems like the final season us focussing mainly on Harry, which I like - he is the fulcrum of the show. Will be interesting to see what comes of the Ruth/Harry dynamic this season - overall, much as I love the pairing I can't ever see them getting a happily ever after; so much has happened in the last few seasons I don't know if they could ever work out. (But I really hope I'm proved wrong on this!)

* Saw the last scene coming from a mile off, but I didn't think they'd actually go there! That said, I'm glad - can't wait to see how it plays out.

* On a very shallow note, Max Brown is a very good looking man. And I like the chemistry Dimitri has with Erin.

* Speaking of our new Section Chief, I quite liked her - and her last scene in the ep brings the promise of some nice layers to the character!

* Do not like Callum. Can't we bring Malcolm back from retirement? (Then again, I have the feeling he's someone we're not meant to like!)

All in all, a solid start to the final season!!

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It's the end of an era: BBC's Spooks to end after a decade

Statement from the BBC Press Office (warning - semi spoilery!!)

I have to say I'm sad, but not surprised - throughout the last season, Harry was making noises about it being time to move on and there was a real sense he'd had eough, and lets face it there is no way Spooks could go on without him (he's the fulcrum around which everything else pivots!)

It'll be interesting to see how season 10 plays out - and now many characters get killed off! (This being Spooks, you know its gonna happen!)
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Have just read the blurb on spooky_doings for episode 908 of Spooks. No spoilers here obviously, but it sounds like an AWESOME ending to an awesome season (even if I have had 2 eps in a row where I'm telling the tv "show, if you kill off Hot!Dimitri, we are DONE!")

Disappointingly however, I shall be on the other side of the world (Perth, Australia) when 908 airs.

On one hand, I'm like YAY! AUSTRALIA!!!

On the other hand, I'm like NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! SPOOKS!!!!!!!

It appears I shall be setting my DVD recorder and avoiding spoilers like the plague til I get back on 28th November - wonder if that can actually be done???
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Found this over on spooky_doings, and am linking here because it's so lovely: [ profile] lady_meander's Ryth & Harry picspam (with quotes!) from 901.

The second scene, in particular, just killed me.

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Spooks is possibly the only show I watch that can have me be "meh" about its new season (seeing as its an almost entirely new cast and they have that regrettable habit of killing of my favourite characters) and then, by the end of the ep, be sitting bolt upright in front of the tv going:


Show, I love you. Don't ever change.

(Except for, yanno, the killing off of favourite characters thing. You REALLY need to be stopping that.)
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Thoughts behind the cut.... )
On a completely seperate note, just saw a report on BBC News where they were interviewing one of the last surviving servicemen from WW1 and WW2, he's currently living in Perth. They showed the War Memorial in Fremantle, and it juts struck me that this time last year, we were up to high doh preparing to go to Australia to visit my aunt (we flew on November 13th). Funny how time flies, isn't it?
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Good news from the family in Australia - my cousin's wife had a baby boy this morning, two and a half weeks early. She was due on November 14th, the day after Mum Dad and myself fly out to surprise my aunt for her 50th! There'll be a lot of celebrating going on...

In TV news, Spooks came back last night. After the rubbish that was season 6 (ZAF!!!!! SOB!!!) I had pretty much given up on the show, and then they announced Richard Armitage was joining. So of course I watched it (God I'm so shallow!). Thoughts are below the cut, to save those who have no interest...

Spooks 701 )
I've just heard them mention the word "snow" on the weather forecast...... holy moly I knew it's been cold today, but is it really that cold?????


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