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If you follow me on tumblr, you may have guessed that I loved the pairing of Meryl and Maks on last year's DWTS, and this routine is one of my favourites that they did.

Kudos to Maks, who choreographed something that was actually recognisable as a proper Viennese Waltz, and the music choice was just inspired (as soon as I heard this song, I thought it'd be perfect for a VW, and I was right!)

Meryl & Maks - Viennese Waltz ("Just a Fool by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton)

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Continuing on (and giving me 5 minutes of respite from what I'm calling "this effing case study assignment"!) here's another one of my favourite freestyles..... a worthy successor to Drew and Cheryl's country themed freestyle!

It's by no means a perfect dance (there's definitely one spot in the lifts where he goes badly wrong) but it was fun, it was high octane and one of those routines where they just left it all on the dancefloor!

Donald and Peta's Freestyle

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Continuing on with this challenge....

Holly and Artem's jive was a standout performance for me - not only was the music - Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars awesome (and FAST!!), the 50's themed j've was just a little bit different and so effortlessly laid back..... plus which Artem danced the whole thing with a bad injury (which lead to Holly having to solo the dress run, which lead to this little bit of hilarity....)

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Time to start posting from this challenge again...... so here's one of the most beautiful showdances I've ever seen.....

Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev - Angels

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Sophie & Brendan - Charleston

This was one of my favourite dances from last year..... perfect fusion of the right dance for the right celeb; Sophie was amazing, absolutely hit every step of this routine!

And it's amazing to think that this was Brendan's first ever charleston on Strictly, considering he's been there since Day One!

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When I started this, I had a rule for myself that I wouldn't post two dances in a row from the same pairing, as I wanted some variety and not have the list be too samey. 

And then this happened. 

Alfonso + Witney + "It's Not Usual" + The Carlton Dance = SHEER DANCE PERFECTION. 

I have lost count of how many times I've watched this - it's just an absolute joy to watch!

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So, I had a semi-plan for this thing; lists, links to videos etc, etc..... 

I even had a good idea of what the next dance was going to be!

And then I watched this weeks DWTS premiere videos, and the list went to hell in a handbasket!!

This is the best week 1 dance I have ever seen, in either DWTS or SCD - and yes, you can argue that he's a ringer, he's got experience.... and you know what? I Don't Care!! After all, we're talking about a show that partnered PussycatDoll Nicole with GoldenBoy and gave themridiculously high scores for quickstep that was not a quickstep (check me out, four years later, still bitter as!)

So here you go, Alfonso and Witney's jive. AMAZING

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Seeing as it's Strictly Launch Day, it's past time that I revived this very neglected  series; and what better way to do it than with the winning showdance from my favourite couple the show's ever put together - the "Dancing Hobbits", Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan!!

This, to me, is everything a showdance should be - full of great moves, great song and most importantly, they looked like they were having so much fun!!

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Given that 13 is meant to be an unlucky number, and that I titled this series Strictly Come Dancing With The Stars: The Good, The Bad and the God-awful, I figure it's time we took a flying leap into the godawful. 

And there were a few to choose from! Quentin Wilson's disastrous cha-cha perhaps, or Carol Vorderman's rumba?? (Actually, scrap that last one. I never want to see it again, never mind inflict it one someone else!!)

So, that left this. 

Kate and Tony - Jive - I'm Still Standing

Or, one of the biggest clusterf***s I have ever seen on the dancefloor. 

I really wish Craig judged the US version to see what he'd make of this....other than complete dance disaster!! The only thing I can ever say whenever I watch this is "Poor Tony. Poor, poor Tony." In this dance, Kate was off time, she totally forgot all her steps - you can see him coaching her on the floor. And on the subject of the BTS drama and his walkout, I don't think that was staged at all - I think he'd had enough and he was DONE. 

And of course, the music doomed it to failure for me, when you consider this is the song used for Jill's Jive (also known as my favourite SCD routine ever!)

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So after blubbing my eyes out to her routine this week (and that one is going to be included in this list, have no fear!!) the next item on the list had to include the first routine Karina ever did that made me cry (and as an avowed Team Maks supporter, this was a Big Deal)

JR & Karina - Rumba - If You're Reading This

I've rambled on about this many times before, so at the risk of repeating myself - one of the best male celebrity rumbas I've ever seen, coupled with gorgeous storytelling and real emotion.
Simply stunning.
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I'm not doing these in any particular order, but I still think this one should have made it into the top ten.....

SCD 2007 - Professional Jive - Rebel Yell

Best professional dance ever. 
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Given that this music was re-used on tonight's programme for another Argentine Tango, I thought it was high time this dance made an appearance on the 100things list!

Mark & Karen - Argentine Tango - Goldeneye

THIS is how you dance an Argentine Tango. It's dark, it's moody, the legwork is all kinds of intricate but it is absolutely breathtaking. Ramprakesh looked every inch the gaucho, and himself and Karen just danced the hell out of this. Series 4 was the first time the AT was introduced into Strictly, and this is still one of the best ever. 

And because it has to be mentioned - I will forever adore Karen's reaction at the end - "Oh YES!!" - she knew they'd nailed it! (And she posted on twitter this week that she was sure the camera had panned back to Bruce when she said that.....)

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This is another new routine, and an instant favourite - I watched this one last Saturday night and was just completely blown away -

Denise and James - Jive - Tutti Frutti

This was just amazing - so fast, but her footwork was clean and precise and she was right on the money timing wise. Plus, she looked like she was just having SO MUCH FUN!

And she danced this with whiplash by the way!!

One thing I'm so glad about is that there wasn't a lot of bigging this up beforehand, so many times with the jive they make out it's going to be a par on Jill's Jive and then it's an inevitable damp squib - in all honesty, this is the closest thing I've seen to Jill and Darren's jive, because they came out in Week 3 and blew us all away with their routine. 

And the judges comments have to be mentioned - when Craig tells her "Fab-U-Lous" and both James and herself run over to kiss him (as James said backstage, Craig's never said that to him in his seven years doing the show!). I roared laughing!!!

Am beginning to think this may be my favourite James partnership ever....

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or, how I spent my breaks today....

Kelly & Val - Contemporary Dance - Fix You

I commented on [ profile] leobrat's journal that if they danced to Fix You, I would be thrilled. I would be weeping, but I would be thrilled. 

Right on both counts. 

This dance was amazing. Okay, it's not technically perfect (and given that Kelly is battling a fever, congestion and a broken toe, I'm amazed she can walk, never mind dance!) and given that none of the DWTS pro's are experienced in choreographing contemporary routines..... it is nonetheless amazing. The passion, the emotion..... I just loved it. 

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This is one of my favourites from last season's SCD:

Chelsee & Pasha - Jive - I'm a Believer

Jive was always going to be a perfect dance for Chelsee - she's so bright and bubbly, and this jive was just pure fun. Loved the choreo, thought it was really sharp and she executed it all so well. 

Plus you have to have mad respect for Pasha for getting made up as Shrek!!

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Given that it's Strictly and DTWS season, I should be posting a lot more to this challenge!! So here's a brand new routine from this week that leobrat and I have been squeeing over.....

Kelly and Val's Paso Doble

This is just gorgeous - it's an old school, proper paso and she dances it brilliantly. (Though every time I watch it I want to shoot the director / camera operator who missed Val's appel - keep your eye out at about 1.14 on this vid and you'll see what I mean.)

But even allowing for that, it's just stunning. 

*points to shiny new icon* Why yes, I did spend rather a lot of time watching and capping the routine to make this icon. It's a hard life.....

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I feel awful that I've been neglecting this challenge over the last few months (eep!!) so I think it's time to bite the bullet and start posting again....

#5  Erin and Maks - Freestyle

Erin and Maks were my favourites in season 10 - I actually think it's my favourite of all Maks pairings. I loved that she didn't take any crap from him and gave as good as she got - the clip where they'd only met when Maks said something like "This always happens - they ask for me and then they regret it" and Erin shoots back, "I didn't ask for you! I asked for Tony!" was marvellous; you could literally see Maks ego deflate!

I remember watching this routine on my iPhone 3G on YouTube (crappy quality) sitting in my car in the office car park, and flailing so much that some of the lads walking by thought I was having some kind of seizure. I loved everything about it - the song, the story, the fact that Maks took a risk and went outside his comfort zone in doing a contemporary dance....

And the emotion at the end where they're on the bed hugging..... gives me a lump in my throat every time! Quickly followed by gales of laughter when Maks informs Tom and the judges, "That wasn't the bed we rehearsed on!"

As Tom said - "Overshare!!"

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Vincent and Flavia's Waltz to "Kissin' You", 2007

This dance by professional dancers Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace is just gorgeous and beautiful and haunting and it breaks my heart every time I watch it. Vincent and Flavia joined the show in 2006 and enjoyed mixed fortunes - he got all the way to the semi-finals with actress Louisa Lytton, while Flavia fared less well, exiting in week 3 when her partner Jimmy Tarbuck suffered a heart scare. 

The following year, 2007, saw their fortunes reverse - Vincent, dancing with Stephanie Beacham, was eliminated first (and earned my never-ending devotion when she declared to Brucie and Tess that she was delighted to be put out of her misery); while Flavia got all the way to the final, finishing as runner-up with Matt DiAngelo.

As well as being dance partners since their teens, they were also boyfriend and girlfriend. That is until Strictly season 5. Flavia and Matt quickly became a tabloid dream, there were heaps of rumours about their chemistry not just being confined to the dancefloor, and I definitely remember papped pics of them sitting across from each other in a diner, almost holding hands. Pretty soon, it was clear the rumours were true, and Vincent did an interview where he confessed they'd split. Tess Daly, who never met a showmance she didn't like, consistently brought it up in every backstage interview she did with the pair - including directly after the final, when she commented that she was sure they'd keep seeing each other (nudge nudge, wink wink) when Vincent was standing just a few feet away. 

They danced this exhibition waltz in the Week 9 results show, the split was common knowledge at that stage and you can see Vincent's heartbreak the whole way through this routine. (The fact that Flavia goes through the whole dance barely looking at him also speaks volumes).

Just gorgeous. 

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Heading back this side of the Atlantic for #3, and it's courtesy of everyone's favourite Dancing Hobbits, Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan, who were the season 7 SCD champions. 

There are a lot of people who would say they didn't deserve to win, that Ricky Whittle (2nd) and Ali Bastian (3rd) were better dancers than Chris was. And you know something, they may even be right. But what Chris and Ola had in spades was the fun factor; what he lacked in natural dance ability he more than made up for in enthusiasm and hard work. I'd never warmed to Ola until this season, and I think it was her relationship with Chris that did that, they were just so flipping adorable!! All the "Ola-chops" and "Mrs Jordan" and "Christopher" and of course, the catchphrase, "Yeah Baby!!!"

This is not going to be the only time they appear in my 100 things list, but this is my favourite dance of theirs - their Charleston. This was the first season that this dance was done in SCD, and it was just a perfect dance for them. 

And here they are dancing it in the finale, where they scored a perfect 40....

Yeah Baby!!!
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So, after today's posts, there was really only 1 dance that I could put up for #2 - the freestyle that's still talked about 6 years later:

Drew & Cheryl's Freestyle - Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy

This to me is everything that a freestyle should be - fast, full of content, and most importantly, FUN!!!

Here's the original dance in the finale:

And a better quality clip from when they reprised it in series 12:


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