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Not only did Rumer and Val win the MBT (and really, that icon says it all!) but the returnees for Survivor 31: Second Chance were announced last night, and my Pearl Islands favorite is in there!!

That said, I'm amazed that Shane Powers didn't make the top 10 - I was sure he'd be bringing his own particular brand of crazy for a second season!!
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Read last week about the new series of Survivor-  which [ profile] helsinkibaby,  includes Facts of Life actress Lisa Weschel (Blair)!! - and noticed that there were going to be 3 more contestants announced this week. 

And they were announced yesterday - three who were medivaced out of previous seasons. 


This makes me so happy - I literally jumped up and down in my chair when I read this!! Most of the media is focusing on Mike Skupin, who is famously remembered for passing out and falling into the fire in Australia, but for me it's all about Penner!

Article with all the deets is here

Am also filing this under #ithoughtiwasoutandtheypulledmebackin.....

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Good news - just read that Masi Oka has been promoted to regular status on season 2 of Hawaii Five O: this is good because (a) he and his character are awesome and (b) there is going to be a season two!!

In not so good news, I just spoiled myself (by accident, I was trying to be good!) for the season finale of Survivor Redemption Island, which aired in the states last night. Fiddlesticks.

And I still require an e-book buying intervention (Kindle for iPad is awesome. And evil.) Envelope from bank dropped in the door today - 99% sure it's my credit card bill and I'm almost scared to look at the blasted thing!!

Home alone for the weekend, I watched lots of tv - found a marathon of Hellcats yesterday morning; wound up watching eps 6-11 and have sourced all the eps that have aired after that; it's not a great show by any stretch if the imagination, but it's fun!! Kind of reminds me of season 1 of One Tree Hill (before it went to he'll in a hand basket and stopped being fun!!) Season finale airs this week, am keeping fingers crossed it gets picked up. Plus it has Sharon Leal (Dahlia!!) and DB Woodside (who along with Rob Lowe, has obviously done an anti-ageing deal with the devil, he has not aged one day since Murder One!!) - and his "You Rock My World" dance number was ridiculously hot!!

I was going to ramble about the goings on in Emmerdale, but that's a rant for another day (if I start I might not stop!!)

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Am linking this here for my own records: - the funniest 115 moments from Survivor 1 through 11. 

Somewhat predictably, Dead Grandma is #1.

My personal favourite - Lil becoming a badass and beating Fairplay in the final Pearl Islands immunity challenge - comes in just outside the top ten, at #12


Mar. 12th, 2010 07:42 am
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Scanning through my Twitter feed thus morning, I read a tweet from Scott Evans (actor who plays Fish on OLTL)

"X instead of Y? Bullshit!" (or words to that effect, am trying hard to forget I read it)

Now, unless you watch Survivor, this means nothing.

But if you DO watch Survivor, you know X and Y are two of the Heroes tribe this season, and thus you have just been spoiled for last nights ep.

Which those of us in Ireland won't see til later tonight or tomorrow (depending on the speed of the download).


(Oh and BTW, I can confirm even without seeing the ep or knowing anything that went down that this was indeed a bullshit boot. No way should X have gone before Y. )

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Have just finished watching this, can't wait for the new series which starts airing in the States on Thursday (and shall be top of my download queue on Friday!)

Random thoughts:

+ Cirie looks amazing
+ I skipped through the Rupert segment (or lovefest, to call it was it was!)
+ Colby looks HOT. Still love him.
+ The Ethan & Jenna segment made me cry. Watching him go thru the stem cell treatment was tough, though he looked much better in the interviews. Fingers crossed...
+ After all these years, the Fairplay fingers still make my blood pressure spike. And I was still hoping Rupert would snap him in two during that argument!
+ Eliza and her famous eyeroll!
+ The blink and you miss it clip of Ozzy's boot in Micronesia was fab - one of the best blindsides EVAH!!
+ "I've been bamboozeled!"
+ The snakes and rats speech still has not been beaten.
+ Colby's "Probst. I'd like to snuff his torch." - was I the only one whose mind went to the gutter with that?
+ Mike Skupin's accident (falling into the fire) still makes my stomach churn.
+ Really, really wish Hatch had paid his taxes so that we could see him and Russell face off.
+ On that note, there are other people I'd love to see on this season - ie Penner and Yul, and it boggles the mind that you can have a "Villians" tribe and NOT have Johnny Fairplay there (even though I loathe him)

Cannot wait for the new season to begin! (I need a Survivor icon!)

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Survivor Palau's Jenn Lyon dies at 37

Jeff Probst remembers Jenn

ETA: Fellow Survivors Pay Tribute To Jenn

Had to add in that last link - if you know me at all, you know that I loathe and despite Johnny Fairplay from Survivor Pearl Islands, but to give him his due, what he said about Jenn was lovely:
"Jenn was such a beautiful person. I wish life was as simple as Survivor because I know for a fact there are 300 of us that would use every immunity idol and jury vote in the world to have her back."

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So, I did as I was told by Nana and didn't venture into work this morning. And I'm glad I didn't - just rang FavouriteUncle!Jim, who works on the same site, and who did make it in - roads are lethal, there is no water on site because the pipes are frozen, and there was a heavy snow shower there at 10 this morning. I've been keeping up with my mails though; there is something very decadent at being able to reply to work e-mails in my jammies!!

Having seen the weather forecast though, might not make it in on Monday either - Met Eireann are forecasting "a significant snow event" for the east coast of Ireland on Sunday. That's Met speak for "we don't know how mcuh is coming or where on the east coast it will land, so batten down the hatches all over!!"

Am attempting to be slightly productive though and am burning DVD's so I can clear off my external hard drive - 500GB and I'm down to my last 36GB!!!

In fandom news, I saw the cast list for the new series of Survivor: Heroes vs Villians. Unsurprisingly, Rupert (Pearl Islands) is on the Heroes side (pause while I search for my eyes, which have rolled out of my head!). Surprisingly, there is no Johnny Fairplay on the Villians side, although they do have Sandra from that season as a villian (okay then.....) But the big news for me, and what will have me avidly watching this season after not watching the last few, is that one of the Heroes is COLBY DONALDSON, winner of the Australia season and who was voted out far too early in All Stars. I love this guy!!! (IMO, the only Survivor who can talk about playing the game with integrity and not have me throwing things at the mention of the I word!)

Boston Rob is also there, plus James the gravedigger (aka the dumbest survivor ever, who got voted out while holding not one, but TWO immunity idols!!!) And Tom, from Palau (I remember [ profile] helsinkibaby , who was spoiled, coming into the room to watch that final immunity challenge with me, just so she could see my reaction!!)

It starts airing on February 20th - this is going to be a long wait!!
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Fairplay was voted out – because he asked to be!

He missed his partner and not-yet-born baby girl (partner was 7 months pregnant when they taped) so he ore or less pleaded for the others to vote him out.  

And it kills me to say this, but he came across (gritting my teeth as I type) really well.

Oh God… I need to go downstairs, have a shower, and then watch my Pearl Islands DVD’s to remind myself of the natural order of things! (Then carve out about 15 hours of my time so I can marathon the rest of the Micronesia season, because this looks really good!!)

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So, despite the fact I have the entire season of Survivor Micronesia downloaded, I've never actually watched it.

Well, I did try, but then I saw Johnny Fairplay (and those stupid frakking Fairplay fingers, saying WITH A STRAIGHT FACE that he thought he was the best player ever to play the game!!!) and my blood pressure spiked so hard that I actually blacked out.

But now it's airing on TG4, and I'm watching the first ep.

The Fairplay hate??? It does not go away people!!!! It gets stronger! (I'm torn between hoping he gets booted first, or sticks around long enough for James to snap him like a twig. I honestly don't know which would be better viewing.)


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