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Brendan Cole tweeted a link to this last night, the infamous Rebel Yell Pro Jive.

This is, hands down and without any doubt whatsoever, the best professional jive that Strictly has ever done. It's from the 2007 series, which also had the best professional roster Strictly has ever had (I still miss Matt Cutler, Darren and Lilia, Erin, Karen Hardy, Ian and Camilla).

Matt and Nicole choroegraphed this brilliantly, and the best thing about is it that you can tell the pros are having the absolute best time performing it - it's the kind of pro number that you don't see on Strictly anymore, which I think is a crying shame.

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In one half, the Strictly gods heard my prayers and announced Will Young, the UK's original Pop Idol winner, as the second contestant on this years Strictly!

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The Beeb have started their annual drip feed release of this years Strictly celebs, and the first one to be announced is former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Dear God, the bad gags just write themselves, don't they? (am sure Bruno is practicing the double entendres as we speak - though in his case they may be single entendres....)

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the names.... Seeing as the Ed Balls rumor was right, I'm really hoping we'll also see Lesley Joseph (Dorian from "Birds of a Feather") and original Pop Idol Will Young be revealed....

Though no casting will ever top the glorious WTF-ness that was Daniel O'Donnell lady year!!!

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Haven't posted here in months, but today's news changed that...

Daniel O'Donnell has been announced as a contestant on this years Strictly Come Dancing:

For those of you who don't know who Daniel is, he's a very very well known Irish singer, who is a favourite of mammies and grannies everywhere. He used to do an event every summer where he invited his fans to afternoon tea at his mammy's house in Kincasslagh, Co Donegal - the queues would stretch for miles!

In recent years, he married his wife Majella, who's just come through a well publicised cancer battle, and is showing a previously unknown dry humour in his interviews.

Let's put it this way, I have no idea if he can actually dance or not, but I think either way he is going to be enormously entertaining!!
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Just saw this on the BBC website -

Gleb Savchenko (from DWTS), Italian dance champion Giovanni Pernice and eight-times South African Latin American champion Otlile Mabuse are joining, while Iveta (NOOOO!!) and Trent are leaving.

Robin Windsor will also not be back (which, sorry Robin fans, makes me very happy because I find him very limited as a dancer and a choreographer).

Despite all the speculation, Ola is coming back as well, which I'm thrilled about!

Very surprised that Trent's not back (I was convinced that Ola would be booted this year and Gordana would take her place) but I think he may have blotted his copybook when he answered Len back last year.

And now if they can just give the lovely Tristan someone who can actually dance, that will really make my day!
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Continuing on with this challenge....

Holly and Artem's jive was a standout performance for me - not only was the music - Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars awesome (and FAST!!), the 50's themed j've was just a little bit different and so effortlessly laid back..... plus which Artem danced the whole thing with a bad injury (which lead to Holly having to solo the dress run, which lead to this little bit of hilarity....)

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Time to start posting from this challenge again...... so here's one of the most beautiful showdances I've ever seen.....

Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev - Angels

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Bullet point update, as it's all my brain is capable of right now....

+ I discovered yesterday morning that there is something worse than training a class at 7.30am in the morning, and that's disciplining the apprentice who fell asleep in middle of the video presentation which forms the bulk of the 7.30am training class. Not fun, particularly when he answered me back with all the reasons he fell asleep (in til 8pm the night before, not home til late) and trying to wiggle out of doing the course again next week! (Joke was on him though - I was straight on the phone to his foreman, who proceeded to ream him up one side and down the other and sent him up to my desk to apologise for being so disrepectful! Good times!)

+ Then I got a phone call in the office from my cousin who had a computer issue - that was grand, but given that she's very very pregnant with a due date of last Saturday, and her husband works on my site (where the mobile reception is rubbish in the buildings!) the heart went crossways on me when I saw her name on caller ID!

+ Haven't been posting much about Strictly here; I think part of the problem with that is I feel quite disengaged from the show this year. I like some of the competitors and still love most of the pros, but I don't have a favourite couple this year. Added to this the fact that Judy Murray has well overstayed her welcome (seriously, she dragged Andy out last week. She got to Blackpool. Can she go now?) and that the judges scoring is more bonkers that ever this year - James Jordan and Camilla Dallerup's twitter feeds are interesting given what they think and how the judges score! I'll keep watching, but the sparkle isn't quite there for me last year. (Especially after last Saturday's shenanigans of the Daily Fail's hatchet job on Ola. Producer manipulation is high this year - if I wanted that, I'd watch the X Factor!)

+ As ever, am behind on my shows. However I have seen up to episode 4 of Scandal, and think I will be having a marathon of 5- 8 this weekend - from what I've seen, Bellamy Young is just stealing the show as Mellie (or "eff it Mellie" as Bellamy christened her on Twitter). My unpopular opinion is that I like Jake with Olivia, and I loathe her and Fitz and indeed Fitz in general. He is a horrible human being and what people see in the Olitz romance is just absolutely beyond me!!
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Sophie & Brendan - Charleston

This was one of my favourite dances from last year..... perfect fusion of the right dance for the right celeb; Sophie was amazing, absolutely hit every step of this routine!

And it's amazing to think that this was Brendan's first ever charleston on Strictly, considering he's been there since Day One!

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The Beeb have the list of dances and songs for Friday and Saturday nights shows up on their website - amazingly, I think I know all but one of the songs!!

Full details behind the cut for those who want to be surprised......

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Have had this written since a couple of days after the launch show, might actually be an idea to post it before the series starts on Friday!!

Before we get to the pairings, some random thoughts on the launch show itself:
The farewell to Brucie dance, with all the pros ending in his signature pose, was really nicely done. I know not everyone liked him and he probably stayed a few years longer than he should have, but this was a nice send-off for him.
Loved, loved LOVED Tess and Claudia together. Truly the dream team.
Am going to miss James Jordan as a pro dancer (I know that's something if an unpopular opinion!) And why why WHY is Aliona back? They fired her last year only to bring her back when Natalie got injured; given the way she behaved with Tony Jacklin and some of her comments afterward I was hoping she'd stay gone! (And the fact that they got rid of Anya for her is just bonkers).
Artemis is someone I'm not going to miss, as his inability / unwillingness to choreograph the dance he was supposed to was working my last nerve. Plus we got the lovely Irish Tristan instead of him, so this is a Good Trade!!
As far as the musical guests went, tumblr went bananas over 5 Seconds to Summer; I squee'd over Imelda May and Smokey Robinson! Honestly, if they could get her go stop touring off the amount if time it'd take, I'd love to see Imelda as a contestant on Strictly - love her!
And now, onto the pairings!!

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I apologise if this post appears multiple times - cut tag in dreamwidth was being buggy!!


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Seeing as it's Strictly Launch Day, it's past time that I revived this very neglected  series; and what better way to do it than with the winning showdance from my favourite couple the show's ever put together - the "Dancing Hobbits", Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan!!

This, to me, is everything a showdance should be - full of great moves, great song and most importantly, they looked like they were having so much fun!!

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Second post, as I can't work out how to edit the previous one on the iPhone app...

Aliona is also back.


They sacrifice Anya and bring back Aliona???? WTF are TPTB smoking???

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Via twitter....

James & Artem out! (GUTTED about James. Not so much Artem - his refusal to choreograph the dances he was meant to was driving me bonkers!)

Natalie Lowe back!

Anya back as part of choreography team but not as a pro! (Boo to this, she was amazing last year with Patrick but at least we'll still see her)

Two new dancers - Joanne Clifton and TRISTAN McMANUS!!!!!!

I swear, when I saw Tristan's name I shrieked with delight (thank god the house was empty!!) Love him from DWTS, but he never got a fair shake on that show celeb-wise, here's hoping he does really well on SCD!!

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Just saw on twitter.... according to the front page of tomorrow's Sunday People, Strictly have sacked James Jordan....

(Pic is of him and Ola, but given that there's been rumours of this all week, my money is on James being given the boot).

I'll be upset if this is actually true - this is possibly an unpopular opinion, but I like James - I like that he choreographs the dance he's actually meant to choreograph (Hi Artem!), I like that he sticks up for his partner and I love that he is so obviously head over heels in love with his wife.

And if this is true, and somehow Aliona is kept on the show, I'll be even more annoyed!!!

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The Beeb finally announced the new Strictly Come Dancing host last night - and as most of the fandom was hoping for, it's the Dream Team of Tess & Claudia!!

Full text of the press release is here:

I am so thrilled with this - they work brilliantly together on the results show, and the Saturday shows were Claudia filled in for Sir Bruce were some of last years best!

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I'm not doing these in any particular order, but I still think this one should have made it into the top ten.....

SCD 2007 - Professional Jive - Rebel Yell

Best professional dance ever. 
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Given that this music was re-used on tonight's programme for another Argentine Tango, I thought it was high time this dance made an appearance on the 100things list!

Mark & Karen - Argentine Tango - Goldeneye

THIS is how you dance an Argentine Tango. It's dark, it's moody, the legwork is all kinds of intricate but it is absolutely breathtaking. Ramprakesh looked every inch the gaucho, and himself and Karen just danced the hell out of this. Series 4 was the first time the AT was introduced into Strictly, and this is still one of the best ever. 

And because it has to be mentioned - I will forever adore Karen's reaction at the end - "Oh YES!!" - she knew they'd nailed it! (And she posted on twitter this week that she was sure the camera had panned back to Bruce when she said that.....)

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This is another new routine, and an instant favourite - I watched this one last Saturday night and was just completely blown away -

Denise and James - Jive - Tutti Frutti

This was just amazing - so fast, but her footwork was clean and precise and she was right on the money timing wise. Plus, she looked like she was just having SO MUCH FUN!

And she danced this with whiplash by the way!!

One thing I'm so glad about is that there wasn't a lot of bigging this up beforehand, so many times with the jive they make out it's going to be a par on Jill's Jive and then it's an inevitable damp squib - in all honesty, this is the closest thing I've seen to Jill and Darren's jive, because they came out in Week 3 and blew us all away with their routine. 

And the judges comments have to be mentioned - when Craig tells her "Fab-U-Lous" and both James and herself run over to kiss him (as James said backstage, Craig's never said that to him in his seven years doing the show!). I roared laughing!!!

Am beginning to think this may be my favourite James partnership ever....

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This is one of my favourites from last season's SCD:

Chelsee & Pasha - Jive - I'm a Believer

Jive was always going to be a perfect dance for Chelsee - she's so bright and bubbly, and this jive was just pure fun. Loved the choreo, thought it was really sharp and she executed it all so well. 

Plus you have to have mad respect for Pasha for getting made up as Shrek!!


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