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Via TV Guide, Netflix are in talks with CBS to resurrect Jericho

I do not have the words to articulate how badly I want this to happen.

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Seeing as the new ep of Sea Patrol is nowhere to be found online right now, I've been looking around YouTube and I found a couple of really good Jericho m-vids, which I'm linking here for posterity!

For those of you who've never seen it, Jericho was a short-lived series about the residents of Jericho, Kansas in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the United States. It was cancelled after its first series in 2006 due to poor ratings (yes CBS, thats what happens when you put a new show up against the ratings juggernaut that is American Idol. FU very much) but a fan campaign got it back for a 7 ep second series after which it was cancelled again. (FU CBS.... I need a tag saying that at this stage!)

I loved the show from its first ep, and was devastated (both times) when it was cancelled. am now rooting out the DVD's so I can marathon it.... but first, m-vids!!

Hear You Me - an awesome Stanley/Mimi vid; this odd couple wound up being the heart of the show for me. alicia Coppola and Brad Beyer had great chemistry together.

Someone Like You - more Stimi goodness

Unanswered Prayers - a slightly AU Jake/Heather vid, and if anyone reading this can explain why they went Jake/Emily instead of Jake/Heather, I would REALLY like to know!

Who You'd Be Today - this made me cry. I will never forget getting to the end of ep 204, when Jake rushes into the Richmond house and sees Stanley cradling Bonnie.... they did a Bad Bad Thing :-(

There are tons of vids on YouTube, these are just 4 of my faves. If you're looking for a show to watch over the summer (that isn't going to require being added into your schedule when the new season starts, I recommend this one!)
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[profile] misssimm, have you seen this?

Videos on YouTube for a Save Jericho campaign (spoilery for what happens in the last ep, FYI)
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So CBS cancelled Jericho.

I'm so, so upset by this - possibly the dumbest decision CBS have made in a long time (well, aside from putting it up against the juggernaut that is American Idol when it came back from hiatus. Whoever made that decision should be fired!)

The last few eps are on my hard drive, waiting to be watched... and I've heard that it ends with a cliffhanger (though not what the cliffhanger is!) - this is going to hurt!!

On the bright side, my Conviction DVD's arrived in the post today (what is it with me and cancelled shows today?). So between watching that and Jericho, that's my weekend TV watching sorted!!!




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