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This is the first time I've used the new format post to journal page..... God almighty this is ugly!! Where is my formatting toolbar for text?? Some of us do not know html mark-up!!


Posting this here because it is far too awesome not too - Cristina Aguilera performing with Rascal Flatts on Sunday night's ACM Awards:

(this song is my new obsession btw!)

And while we're at it, have some Luke Bryan tearing it up at the same event (because Luke makes everything better!):

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I'm still bitter.

On that note, last weeks Daytime Confidential made the case for GL being brought back for a limited series run a la The X Files - link is if anyone would like to read and wish what might have been!!
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Continuing on (and giving me 5 minutes of respite from what I'm calling "this effing case study assignment"!) here's another one of my favourite freestyles..... a worthy successor to Drew and Cheryl's country themed freestyle!

It's by no means a perfect dance (there's definitely one spot in the lifts where he goes badly wrong) but it was fun, it was high octane and one of those routines where they just left it all on the dancefloor!

Donald and Peta's Freestyle

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Just saw this online, new cast is as follows:

Noah Galloway with Sharna Burgess
Robert Herjavec with Kym Johnson
Patti LaBelle with Artem Chigvintsev
Nastia Liukin with Derek Hough
Riker Lynch with Allison Holker
Charlotte McKinney with Keo Motsepe
RedFoo with Emma Slater
Michael Sam with Peta Murgatroyd
Willow Shields with Mark Ballas
Suzanne Somers with Tony Dovolani
Rumer Willis with Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Still one more to be announced next week....

My reactions.....well, the first thing I saw was that Derek was no longer retired / sitting this one out and had been paired with Nastia Liukin....then a funny thing happened and I went deaf from a ringing sound in my ears....

Tony paired with Suzanne Somers...... of course he was!

Artem and Patti Labelle.... on one hand, she's Patti Freaking Labelle! On the other hand, I remember from SCD that Artem either doesn't like ladies of a certain age or doesn't like not having a Contender (Fern Cotton season anyone?) so depending on how she dances this could be interesting!

Am thrilled to see Kym back competing!

I may have more thoughts later, when I've learned who everyone else is......


Feb. 20th, 2015 08:56 pm
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Just finished watching the live 30th anniversary episode of Eastenders (yes, after years of not watching The Most Depressing Show on Earth in the History of EVER, I succumbed to the hype and watch last night's "Who Killed Lucy" reveal and tonight's live ep).

It was a really, really good live ep, and I'm not ashamed to admit I was a little teary-eyed at the end of it.

And if Adam Woodyatt (and Laurie Brett, but mainly Adam) don't get some kind of award for his performance, there is absolutely No Justice. He out-acted everyone tonight.

(And I'm erring on the side of caution and deliberately not mentioning who the killer was, or the other moment last night that had me going "What the Actual Eff?" in case there is someone reading on my f-list who doesn't want to be spoiled!)
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Continuing on with this challenge....

Holly and Artem's jive was a standout performance for me - not only was the music - Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars awesome (and FAST!!), the 50's themed j've was just a little bit different and so effortlessly laid back..... plus which Artem danced the whole thing with a bad injury (which lead to Holly having to solo the dress run, which lead to this little bit of hilarity....)

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Time to start posting from this challenge again...... so here's one of the most beautiful showdances I've ever seen.....

Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev - Angels

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It's as ugly as sin..... Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so!!

And STILL no way to choose an icon other than the default!!
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Shamelessly coping and pasting from [ profile] lost_spook over on the spooky_doings community....

Roll on the spring!!!!
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Poster out today, trailer releases tomorrow!!!!
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So helsinkibaby tagged me in this last week, and I’m finally getting around to doing it….. and can I just say how utterly HARD it is to pick just five couples for this?!?!?!?

Choose 5 OTP’s without looking at the questions in the Read More first, then tag.
1.      Luke Callaghan / Gail Peck (Rookie Blue)
2.      Jake Jagelski and Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill)
3.      Buffer and Kate (Sea Patrol)
4.      Alex Ryan and Claire McLeod (McLeods Daughters)
5.      John Young and Astrid Finch (The Tomorrow People)

Most of my friends list have already done this at this stage, so I’m not tagging anyone – if you haven’t done it or just want to do it again with different OTP’s, feel free!!!

onto the questions.... )
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So, turns out it was actually a bomb threat :-(

We were allowed back onto the site at about 9.30, but only the office areas and canteens had been opened (it'd be heading to breaktime at that point, and we'd all be out in the cold for the better half of two hours or more).So at least I was able to get to my desk, dump my bag and laptop, and head to the canteen so that I could defrost with a cup of tea!.

But the lads weren't able to get to their work areas on site for another two hours, so they just had to sit there..... and because their clock-in machines are at their work location, they hadn't clocked in, which meant the safety team wound up going around all the canteens with sign in sheets getting our lads to sign them so we knew (a) who is actually on site and (b) pay them accordingly!!

I wouldn't call it scary as such; but it was very unsettling - we didn't really know what was happening, info was slow to trickle around. We're now debating all the ways that security is going to be beefed up here, because it has to be after this!!
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Was running slightly late for work this morning due to frost; needn't have worried as when I got to site (after battling thru oddly heavier than normal traffic!) it turns out the site has been evacuated and no-one is being allowed in!

Rang my manager who said they thought it was a gas leak; but the media is reporting a "security alert" as allegedly a bomb threat was rung in at 6.30 this morning.


So am sat across the road in my car waiting on word..... How are all your mornings going???

ETA: According to post on Twitter, bomb threat confirmed, army bomb squad on site and searching now. Fuck.

ETA2: it's beginning to snow!! I could not make this up!!
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And it's to lament the fact that Covert Affairs has been cancelled after five seasons.

I had totally loved season 5 with the addition of Nic Bishop as Ryan; am absolutely gutted right now :-(
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Bullet point update, as it's all my brain is capable of right now....

+ I discovered yesterday morning that there is something worse than training a class at 7.30am in the morning, and that's disciplining the apprentice who fell asleep in middle of the video presentation which forms the bulk of the 7.30am training class. Not fun, particularly when he answered me back with all the reasons he fell asleep (in til 8pm the night before, not home til late) and trying to wiggle out of doing the course again next week! (Joke was on him though - I was straight on the phone to his foreman, who proceeded to ream him up one side and down the other and sent him up to my desk to apologise for being so disrepectful! Good times!)

+ Then I got a phone call in the office from my cousin who had a computer issue - that was grand, but given that she's very very pregnant with a due date of last Saturday, and her husband works on my site (where the mobile reception is rubbish in the buildings!) the heart went crossways on me when I saw her name on caller ID!

+ Haven't been posting much about Strictly here; I think part of the problem with that is I feel quite disengaged from the show this year. I like some of the competitors and still love most of the pros, but I don't have a favourite couple this year. Added to this the fact that Judy Murray has well overstayed her welcome (seriously, she dragged Andy out last week. She got to Blackpool. Can she go now?) and that the judges scoring is more bonkers that ever this year - James Jordan and Camilla Dallerup's twitter feeds are interesting given what they think and how the judges score! I'll keep watching, but the sparkle isn't quite there for me last year. (Especially after last Saturday's shenanigans of the Daily Fail's hatchet job on Ola. Producer manipulation is high this year - if I wanted that, I'd watch the X Factor!)

+ As ever, am behind on my shows. However I have seen up to episode 4 of Scandal, and think I will be having a marathon of 5- 8 this weekend - from what I've seen, Bellamy Young is just stealing the show as Mellie (or "eff it Mellie" as Bellamy christened her on Twitter). My unpopular opinion is that I like Jake with Olivia, and I loathe her and Fitz and indeed Fitz in general. He is a horrible human being and what people see in the Olitz romance is just absolutely beyond me!!
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Seeing as my twitter feed blew up last night over the fact that Judy Murray is still in the competition (seriously, whoever is voting for her? STOP. PLEASE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH) I thought it was worth taking a trip to the god-awful side and posting what I consider to the The Worst Dance In Strictly HIstory - Quentin Wilson and Hazel Newberry's Cha Cha. 

This was season 2 week 1, and Craig labelled it a complete dance disaster, Bruno said it was like watching a Renault Reliant trying to keep up with a Porsche (or words to that effect - Quentin presented the motoring show Top Gear, hence the car metaphors).

But yeah, GODAWFUL. 

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Sophie & Brendan - Charleston

This was one of my favourite dances from last year..... perfect fusion of the right dance for the right celeb; Sophie was amazing, absolutely hit every step of this routine!

And it's amazing to think that this was Brendan's first ever charleston on Strictly, considering he's been there since Day One!

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This just popped up on my Twitter feed and I actually gasped in shock..... then followed an awkward 5 minutes trying to explain to the Mammy why this was a big deal.....

Another Good Wife exit in the works.....

Trying not to spoil in case people don't want to know!!

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When I started this, I had a rule for myself that I wouldn't post two dances in a row from the same pairing, as I wanted some variety and not have the list be too samey. 

And then this happened. 

Alfonso + Witney + "It's Not Usual" + The Carlton Dance = SHEER DANCE PERFECTION. 

I have lost count of how many times I've watched this - it's just an absolute joy to watch!

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So, this popped up on my twitter feed this morning:

Strictly's Aliona - I'm sick of dancing with old puddings

Am putting my reaction to this behind a cut, just in case i have any Aliona fans on ye olde friends list....

Read more... )


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