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Just saw this on the BBC website -

Gleb Savchenko (from DWTS), Italian dance champion Giovanni Pernice and eight-times South African Latin American champion Otlile Mabuse are joining, while Iveta (NOOOO!!) and Trent are leaving.

Robin Windsor will also not be back (which, sorry Robin fans, makes me very happy because I find him very limited as a dancer and a choreographer).

Despite all the speculation, Ola is coming back as well, which I'm thrilled about!

Very surprised that Trent's not back (I was convinced that Ola would be booted this year and Gordana would take her place) but I think he may have blotted his copybook when he answered Len back last year.

And now if they can just give the lovely Tristan someone who can actually dance, that will really make my day!

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Date: 2015-04-30 10:28 pm (UTC)
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Oooh, somehow I missed this, thanks for the post!

Sad to see Iveta going, and I did like Trent but he was only around for a series so not a huge wrench. I think Robin had a tendency to make his choreo too difficult for his celebs so think on balance it is best he goes. Excited with the new people! (I am always excited with the new people). Excited that Natalie is back as well! <3

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Date: 2015-05-08 06:39 pm (UTC)
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You're welcome - sorry I didn't reply sooner!!

I'm most upset about losing Iveta to be honest, she was just so lovely and brilliantly bonkers in interviews! (Plus they're keeping Aliona, who I find just so limited as a choreographer - that's just insult to injury!!)

I was never a big Robin fan - for me, he can get so far with his celebs (in terms of teaching them and putting together routines) and then he just plateaus - for example, I thought his "car wash" routine with Lisa was god-awful, but the judges loved it!!

Am delighted to see the lovely Tristan back as well - I was truly scared he'd join the ranks of one season wonders!!


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